1. Sabcat

    Explaining masturbation to children Yup, this is a thing.
  2. Enigma

    Public Masturbation declared LEGAL in SWEDEN

    :blink: Is this one of those satire magazines or is this for real? Someone tell me this is a joke!!! Public Masturbation Declared Legal in Sweden After Landmark Trial
  3. knowuryder

    Anti-Gay Christian Pastor Charged Over Public Masturbation The Republicans have another contender for The White House
  4. pensacola niceman

    Christian Masturbation

    "The apostles told us repeatedly that Jesus forbids lust, since sex is for baby-making, not anxiety release." "We are to 'abstain from fleshly lusts' (1 Peter 2:11) and 'flee also youthful lusts' (2 Timothy 2:22), for lust 'bringeth forth death' (James 1:15). And more to the point for those...
  5. Wisdom_Seeker

    Thoughts about porn and masturbation

    Reasons for stop masturbating and watching porn: Reason 1: Because everytime you ejaculate, you are loosing precious sexual energy, that is why you canĀ“t get it up after ejaculating. To say that you get it back is a mistake, because that type of energy is stored in semen. Semen re-generates...
  6. T


    Masturbation is known to have health benefits... We all do it (at least 99.9999999% of us with working sexual organs who are under the age of 70) So... What is wrong with masturbation? Why is it so taboo? Why do people get shocked when you mention it? In an enlightened society I think we...