1. skews13

    Mitch McConnell's Sudden "Legal Troubles"

    It was all supposed to be so simple. Glorious Bleater wanted Yertl the Turtle to pack the district and appellate courts with enough right wings to put KFC out of business. Fine, even McConnell can accomplish that, since all Orange Julius has to do is to close his eyes, jam his finger down into...
  2. skews13

    The McConnell Rule Is Law And Senate Democrats Should Sue To Enforce It

    Whether McConnell likes it or not, the McConnell Rule is law. When McConnell declared in 2016 that Supreme Court nominees are not allowed hearings in an election year, that decree carried legal force - the same legal force as former majority leader Harry Reid's reduction of the threshold to...
  3. G

    Schumer and McConnell announced there

    there was an agreement reached for a 2 year budget. However, Look at how Pelosi chose to waste an entire day of the House time on her pet project...protecting illegals. She called her aids early this morning telling them to collect "letters" from Dreamers and "bible verses" for her use...
  4. GhostRider

    Mitch MCConnell the enemy of middle class America

    ?He Is No Patriot?, Robert Reich Destroys Mitch McConnell For How He Shamed America ? Democratic Review “No man has done more in recent years to undermine the functioning of U.S. government than Mitch McConnell. For example: 1. As Majority Leader of the Senate, McConnell famously declared...
  5. skews13

    Mitch McConnell: The Man That Broke America

    “No majority leader wants written on his tombstone that he presided over the end of the Senate,” the minority leader said. He continued: “Breaking the rules to change the rules is un-American. I just hope the majority leader thinks about his legacy, the future of his party, and, most...
  6. skews13

    Here Were McConnell's Requirements For Obama Nominees

    The Hypocrisy and strong arm tactics of the Grand Ole Fascist party are a direct threat to our democracy. The GOF has learned well from Trump that you can lie to the public, the media will simply publish your lie in a headline, and the public’s biggest concern will be, who’s on dancing with the...
  7. RNG

    McConnell's transformation.

    Thumbnail sketch: McConnell knew in September that the CIA had evidence of Russia interfering in the election on Trump's behalf. But because of the ongoing election campaign, and the fact that he wanted his wife in the cabinet: But once the election was won and the Mrs. had her cushy job...
  8. J

    Will Mitch McConnell allow Obama to appointment our next Supreme Court Justice?

    SEE: Obama still might be able to put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court ”Remember Merrick Garland, the judge President Obama nominated for the Supreme Court? Back in March, Republicans said they would not consider the nomination because it came too late in Obama's term to be considered...
  9. goober

    McConnell blames Obama for veto override

    Apparently the bill passed by overriding the president's veto turns out to have some real problems. And stand up guy Mitch McConnell is not shy about blaming ...Obama. Because Obama did nothing, he just stood there and let congress override his veto. You can't make this up... McConnell...
  10. Nwolfe35

    Mitch McConnell says the GOP will dump Trump "like a hot rock"

    This could be hilarious! Imagine the GOP running ads AGAINST their own nominee! We are watching the GOP self destruct before our very eyes.
  11. RNG

    McConnell: Republicans Will Drop Trump 'Like a Hot Rock'

    There are several sources for this story. Just wow. Mitch McConnell: Republicans Will Drop Trump 'Like a Hot Rock' If He Wins the Nomination | Alternet
  12. LongWinded

    Mitch McConnell plays stupid political tricks while budget crisis looms

    Mitch McConnell plays stupid political tricks while budget crisis looms Republicans have certainly earned the "Do Nothing but Lie" party award. What American, who loves this country, wants to make it bankrupt?
  13. excalibur

    Ted Cruz Rips Mitch McConnell

    Yes! In stunning attack, Cruz accuses leader McConnell of lying 
  14. skews13

    Mitch McConnell: No More Circuit Judge Confirmations

    Mitch McConnell: No more federal circuit judge*confirmations Mitch McConnell, the guy who was going to make the Senate work again and prove that Republicans can govern. When it comes to filling judicial vacancies, he's choosing not to. There are an additional seven vacant circuit court...
  15. skews13

    Mitch McConnell Rand Paul Humiliated Senate Votes To Advance USA Freedom Act

    Mitch McConnell Humiliated And Rand Paul Loses As Senate Votes To Advance USA Freedom Act Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wanted to extend the Patriot Act while Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) wanted to kill both the Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act. Both Republicans lost as the Senate...
  16. skews13

    Senate Dems Win As McConnell Caves On Abortion Language In Trafficking Bill

    Senate Democrats Win As Mitch McConnell Caves On Abortion Language In Trafficking Bill Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was dealt another defeat by Senate Democrats as he was forced to abandon his attempt to add expanded anti-abortion language to the human trafficking bill. The Hill...
  17. LongWinded

    California Governor Says Mitch McConnell's Pro-Coal Effort 'Borders On The Immoral'

    California Governor Says Mitch McConnell's Pro-Coal Effort 'Borders On The Immoral' It's true. Republican teabaggers think more of their profits from their stock portfolios than the well being of their constituents in their own states. Mountaintop Removal Mining Birth Defects: New Study...
  18. LongWinded

    McConnell Says He'll Delay Loretta Lynch Confirmation Until Senate Votes On Bill With

    McConnell Says He'll Delay Loretta Lynch Confirmation Until Senate Votes On Bill With Anti-Abortion Language Fine by democrats. Eric Holder seems to be wiping our racism with every turn. Now, we just need him to prosecute you, Mitch, under the Logan Act.
  19. skews13

    McConnell Blinks On DHS Funding

    McConnell looks for a way out of DHS mess | MSNBC In early January, shortly after the terrorist violence in Paris, much of the political world wondered aloud whether Republicans would follow through on their threats to shut down parts of the Department of Homeland Security. Senate...
  20. Camelot

    The President Laughs At McConnell