1. Clara007

    Melania Trump is AT the Border

    BREAKING: @FLOTUS makes unannounced trip to Texas to see first-hand the children/families at the border. Melania Trump made a sudden decision to fly to the border with the press to address the issue of family separation. Melania Trump urged her husband to stop the policy of separating...
  2. Howey

    Melania Trump Undergoes Surgery

    Let's hope it's nothing low level Trump communications staffers can make ignorant comments about...
  3. Howey

    Happy Mother's Day, Melania!

    Hell, at least I took notice of the gawd awful situation she's in. Too bad her husband didn't. Guess he was busy golfing.
  4. imaginethat

    Melania smiles

    It's been a long time.
  5. tristanrobin

    I Should Have Known Better About Melania ...

    When nasty or negative things have been written about Melania, I've always said I thought she was okay...she didn't seem to mean anybody harm and I had nothing against her (except her choice in spouses). I should have known nobody could live with a slimebag like Trump and not have the slime run...
  6. imaginethat

    Trump and Melania - Love Birds Forever

    It's on video.
  7. pensacola niceman

    Melania Trump's disaster wear

    First lady Melania Trump is either blissfully unaware of the heat she took last week for her “storm stilettos,” or she doesn’t care what people think. On Sept. 2, on their way to a second visit to hurricane-ravaged Houston, she once again strode with her husband across the White House lawn in...
  8. RNG

    Melania helps Trump out

    This is funny as hell. Watch the video, it's only about 30 secs. Did Melania give husband anthem 'nudge'? - BBC News
  9. imaginethat

    Should taxpayers pay for Melania's personal choices?

    We've never had a First Family for whom living in the White House was a step down, a BIG step down. It’s OK if Melania Isn’t a Traditional First Lady. But Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay for Her Choices. In the seemingly endless first two weeks of the Trump presidency, Melania Trump made clear...
  10. imaginethat

    Melania and Barron Trump won’t be moving to the White House

    I have a feeling that being a First Lady never was on Melania's list of "Things I Want to Do." More: Melania and Barron Trump won?t be moving to the White House | New York Post
  11. RNG

    Trump making sure Melania toes the line

  12. RNG

    Melania Trump did work illegally

    I'll just throw this out to all the Trump supporters who agree with his no tolerance position towards immigrants. Melania Trump illegally worked in U.S. before getting proper visa, documents show - World - CBC News
  13. Clara007

    Melania, Wife of Bully, Wants to Stop Bulies

    Well, well, well. In her speech, Melania took care to praise Ronald Reagan (“a true inspiration to me”) and to studiously name the swing states. “Every time my husband learned of a factory closing, in Ohio or North Carolina or here in Pennsylvania, I saw him get very upset,” she said...
  14. RNG

    Melania mirrors Hillary

    So all you haters who crapped on Hillary for defending Bill through his problems, check this out. I thought about it but now the BBC is out and out saying it. Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton: Shaming accusers? - BBC News
  15. goober

    Is Melania voting for Hillary?

    At the second debate, the extremely fashion savvy Melania Trump wore a pantsuit (like Hillary), topped off with a Pussy Bow. Sort of saying, she's voting for Hillary, and here's why... Now, if you aren't from the world of fashion, you probably wouldn't have any idea what a Pussy Bow is...
  16. GhostRider

    Melania Trump a "sex worker"?

    REPORT: Melania Trump Was A Sex Worker, Had Sexy-Time With Old Men For Money ? Winning Democrats Will the right give this as much investigative attention as the lies about President Obama and Michele Obama? 3.....2.....1
  17. Clara007

    Melania's Got Some 'Splainin' to DO!

    Don't ya hate it when this happens?? I's sweet, innocent Melania....just mindin' her own business. She's RIGHT off the Slovanian boat, has her little B-1 Temporary Business Visitor or B-2 Tourist Visa, neither of which would have allowed her to work in the U.S. in hand, and...
  18. GhostRider

    Pat Robertson says Melania Trumps nude pics are god's work of art

    Pat Robertson: ?Melania?s Nude Pics Are Pure Art That Shows The Beauty Of God?s Work? - Newslo Right wing hyprocracy at its finest
  19. goober

    Melania Trump Website --- gone

    With her "degree in Architecture" debunked (apparently that is not the same as dropping out freshman year), Melania Trump's website is now just a link to the Tangerine Tornado's campaign site...
  20. R

    Melania didn't plagiarize anything.

    Trump campaign chief denies plagiarism accusations Trump campaign chief denies Melania plagiarism allegations I saw Michelle's "childrens dreams" blurb. Wonder where SHE cribbed that from? Anyone seen Jack Lemmon in My Fellow...