1. foundit66

    Trump Building the United States Space Force for a 21st Century Military Can somebody tell this guy that it's not the Martians we need to worry about but rather the Atlanteans, mermaids and mermen that are going to wage war on us? #sarcasm
  2. Checkerboard Strangler

    Detention Camps on Military Bases ‘Smacks of Totalitarianism,’ Troops Say

    Detention Camps on Military Bases ‘Smacks of Totalitarianism,’ Troops Say “In short, having Manzanar [one of the sites of America’s World War II-era internment camps] 2018 on Goodfellow, or any other base, is a disaster that stands against everything the military value system is supposed to...
  3. U

    90 % of our military should be abolished

    we have more firepower on ONE of our nuke missile submarines than either Britain or France can muster and we have 80 of them! We need to mothball the airfforce planes and all of the surface navy (except what services the subs) do away with the army and marines, other than the spec ops, close...
  4. imaginethat

    US accuses China of directing blinding lasers at American military aircraft

    Fun and games!!! More:
  5. RNG

    Military blunder, again.

    So first the Republican President lets slip his plans for withdrawing from Syria, something the Republicans mercilessly hammered Obama about when he did so with Iraq. But now, look what the J. is for genius does: Isn't telling your enemy what you are going to do sort of a no-no as far...
  6. RNG

    The Republican President wants the military to pay for the wall

    So first he brags about him, overcoming great Democrat obstruction got lots of money for the military. Now he wants them to spend a big chunk of it to build his stinking wall. He sent out one of his confused tweets two nights ago with something about "M will pay for the wall". Several...
  7. locke23

    Culture Shock at the Royal Military College of Canada

    http:// Read the article above before going on or posting below. Note that the article is very biased, as the media always is, against RMC. As...
  8. S

    Schumer, de Blasio backed parade for military 4 years ago – despite Dem outrage now

    i love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Do they really think people won't remember things like this, sit and stew in this for awhile, Tris, Wolfe, Holly, skews, Cammy Schumer, de Blasio backed parade for military 4 years ago ? despite Dem outrage now | Fox News While Democratic...
  9. Nwolfe35

    Trump orders military parade

    Trump has ordered the Pentagon to produce a grand military parade. I’m trying to remember other such parades in history Let the defense by the Trump sychophants begin!
  10. S

    Repercussions of U.S. military actions

    It is my understanding that much of the terrorism over the past couple of decades has been retaliation against the actions of the militaries of western governments like the U.S. Without the aggressive military action of these governments, especially the U.S., it seems likely to me that ordinary...
  11. skews13

    Dems Try To Pay Military During #Trumpshutdown Guess Who Said No?

    Trump has been planning and angling for this shutdown since last May, when he tweeted that he wanted a “good shutdown” in a misguided ruse to win more GOP seats. After his latest sabotage of a bipartisan deal, he certainly looks like he got one--and a bigly one at that. The #TrumpShutdown...
  12. Quigley

    military source said Saudi air defences intercepted a ballistic missile fired toward

    Ballistic missile intercepted over Saudi Arabia capital Riyadh just seconds before it slammed into royal palace The coalition is battling the armed Houthi movement in neighbouring Yemen. A ballistic missile was launched at the Saudi capital, a Houthi spokesman said. Mohammed Abdussalam...
  13. Clara007

    Did Trump Ignore U.S. Military Requests in Niger?

    The Pentagon is investigating troubling questions about the death of four U.S. soldiers in Niger. Donald Trump and his administration have spent the past sixteen days desperately trying to cover up a deadly U.S. military operation in Niger, to the point that Trump was hesitant to even call...
  14. tristanrobin

    Making a military widow cry: that is a classic Trump move

    Making a military widow cry: that is a classic Trump move Instead of standing on a pedestal, he clambers down into the gutter of Twitter where he can indulge in the pettiest form of politics Just when you thought there was nothing left to destroy – no more rules or taboos to break –...
  15. Quigley

    U.S. Military Sends Troops to Russian Border

    Russia has accused the U.S. of violating a peace treaty between Moscow and the Western military pact NATO after the Pentagon deployed a new force in the tense Baltic region. It's the latest of several Western moves seen as provocations by Russia, which has vowed to respond. The U.S. announced...
  16. skews13

    Trump And Feces Pie Sean Hannity Sit Through Retreat Dishonoring Military, Flag

    Trump And Feces Pile Sean Hannity Sit Through Retreat Dishonoring Military, Flag President Trump sat and talked through the nightly playing of "Retreat" as the American flag was lowered on a Pennsylvania Air National Guard base during his interview with Sean...
  17. Quigley

    Trump talks of ‘calm before the storm’ after military meeting

    President Donald Trump issued an unprompted, cryptic message Thursday after meeting with military officials at the White House, saying about the gathering, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” “We have the world’s great military leaders in this room,” Trump said to reporters after uttering...
  18. roastpork

    Military will pay for Sex changes?

    It appears that we will pay for sex changes for our confused war fighters after all, what a bunch of crap. Does that mean that if a shoulder wants a nose job we should pay for that too, how about breast augmentation. This is getting fricking ridiculous.:angry: Pentagon Will Pay for Sex Change...
  19. RNG

    Mattis Halts Transgender Military Ban

    For those of you who don't read the back-up, Mattis just said: Fuck you tRump
  20. RNG

    Trump reverses Obama-era ban on military gear for cops

    Your SWAT teams, hell your average cops need more power.