1. RNG

    Important items on Trumps mind

    So, he's in NATO meetings. He is about to meet with and discuss Brexit and how perhaps trade and relations with the UK can be improved and then is on to a one on one with Putin. And what is at the top of his mind? Layer?
  2. U

    No doubt in my mind

    Trump will pick the wrong supreme court justice.........ROFLOLOLOLOL:lol::lol::lol::grin::grin::grin::grin:-_-
  3. skews13

    The Mind Boggling Corruption Of Trump Inc.

    Another week in the Donald Trump presidency, another handful of days so stuffed full of sordid and highly complicated stories that even journalists have trouble keeping track of what's going on. But the thread tying all the latest news together — from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's sundry...
  4. Sabcat

    Socialism is evil (change my mind)

    Socialism is evil change my mind live stream https://youtu.be/xF2lFGyADtM
  5. Polari


    Fucked by Brad Pascale on social media... https://www.cbsnews.com/videos/secret-weapon/
  6. Sabcat

    12 year old trans girl changes his mind

    . http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/12-year-old-boy-trans-female-change-mind-years-later-patrick-mitchell-australia-oestrogen-hormones-a7933741.html
  7. Sabcat

    3 Mandela Effects That Will Blow Your Mind

  8. excalibur

    Prog Woman Loses Her Mind on Airplane

    A real nutter. Video 
  9. excalibur

    Harry Reid Loses What's Left of His Mind

    The exploding heads of Progs is a wonder to behold. :lol: Part of the Reid insane statement: U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid >> Reid Statement on the Election of Donald Trump 
  10. J

    Electronic mind control!!!

    What do american think of this manipulation device , that inserts manipulated thoughts in our minds to sound as we commit acts that we didnt commit !!! All while torturing and driving Americans insane when there perfectly sane !!!
  11. J

    Electronic mind control!!!

    I am wanting to find out the laws that surround this manipulation device ???? Its got to be unconstitutional and there's got to be a way to stop the torture it causes or something, for it brakes every law around it!!! I'm research a lot on this for the fact its drive american insane when there...
  12. Sabcat

    Dog Poop and the Progressive Mind

    more Dog Poop and the Progressive Mind | The Daily Liberator
  13. skews13

    Never Mind The British Economy What About My Golf Course?

    The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, its government is in chaos, the pound is dropping like a stone … but never mind all that. What impact will it have on Donald Trump’s business interests? Trump: Enough about the British economy, how will my golf course be affected by...
  14. skews13

    Appetite For Destruction: The Republican Mind

    The use of eliminationist and violent rhetoric by Republicans against liberals, progressives, Democrats, and those others with whom they disagree is an intentional strategy. One of its origins can be found in a 1996 GOPAC policy memo by Newt Gingrich. It suggested the following: As you know...
  15. intangible child

    How 'magic mushroom' chemical could free the mind of depression, addictions

    Sep 17, 2014 - Psychedelic drugs are being researched as a potential treatment for ... How 'magic mushroom' chemical could treat depression - CNN.com Sep 22, 2014 - VIDEO: Magic Mushrooms Could Help With Depression VIDEO: Magic Mushrooms Could Help With Depression Back to the Pharmacy...
  16. excalibur

    The Pathological Mind of the Left

    Soft Pink Eloi on the Outside, Ravenous Morlocks in their Hearts Get in their face and punch back twice as hard, a legendary community organizer demanded of his constituents, before becoming America’s most passive chief effective, feigning discovery of scandal after scandal only after being...
  17. imaginethat

    Russia Is Weaponizing Jedi Mind Tricks

    Good read. https://news.vice.com/articles/russia-is-weaponizing-jedi-mind-tricks?trk_source=homepage-lede
  18. imaginethat

    Gingrich gets inside the mind of Putin

    I saw this article, and began reading. I mean, the Newt on Putin sounded interesting. I stopped right there. Extolling Vlad the Liar is a right-wing meme. If any of DTT's right wing would please explain the rationale behind your side's laying laurels across Putin, I'd appreciate it. If...
  19. imaginethat

    Never mind the West's reaction....

    This is a not fully appreciated dynamic in Russia's annexation drama and newly declared role of protectors of Russians everywhere, no matter in what country they may live. It's not only the US and Western Europe wondering just how far Putin's 21st-century, kinder, gentler putsching will go...