1. B

    Liberal nutbaggery! STRAWS the movie

    :lol::lol: Gutfeld is awesome! Watch out for Great White Straws they are dangerous, and racist. 6 months for second offense! Assault with a deadly straw! But let's let out pedophiles early.
  2. F

    The Movie Democrats Would Stop If They Could

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. —— Lao Tzu One movie countermanding 45 years of Socialism’s lies about abortion ain’t much, but it is a first step that will send Culture of Death baby butchers ‘round the bend: Jon Voight -- Stacey...
  3. G

    Peter Fonda needs a good mouth washing.

    His ugly statement the Presidents son should be kidnapped, is totally disgusting and I hope I never see another movie with him in it.
  4. Nwolfe35

    The movie Love, Actually predicting world response to Trump

  5. webguy4

    Phones used during a movie

    I’m a baby boomer. My wife and I like to go out to a movie. Big screen, popcorn, and sharing a show with an audience. But our indulgence is threatened, by people who cannot make it through a show without checking their phones. I can’t see a good way of dealing with the issue. You confront...
  6. coke

    Fake News. The movie

    Read the rest at We Conducted a Review of Recent Fake News Stories and Found Something Quite Interesting
  7. intangible child

    New Trailer, Citizens United, The Movie:

    Click this! Get Your Citizens United, The Movie, Exhibition Package
  8. GhostRider

    Trump appears in porn movie.

    Trump Appearance In Porn Movie Found As Miss Universe Attack Totally Backfires You gotta love how the liars lie and then get caught. Some say the Trump is not a conservative but I think he is very typical of a right wing liar and hypocrite. :rofl: :rofl:
  9. roastpork

    A Movie

    Here's a movie for Wolf to see. No Country for Old Christians? Phil Robertson Crushes It in ?Torchbearer? Film - Breitbart
  10. RNG

    The Unforgiven - No, not the movie, the non Trumpeteers

    What, oh dear what will we do? Get lots of kleenex I guess.
  11. Franklin

    Arranged - movie about arranged marriage This is how civilized reactionary cultures/religions handle dating.
  12. LongWinded

    Cops Who Killed Man with Down Syndrome Over a Movie Ticket

    Cops Who Killed Man with Down Syndrome Over a Movie Ticket Blame Paramedics Who Tried to Save Him | Alternet OMG. Maybe if we'd just fire these cops who kill Americans and hire new people who aren't so willing to kill, we'd have a nation of good policemen?
  13. roastpork

    Christian Movie Shocks LA.

    Well how about this.:mellow: Box Office: 'War Room' Stuns With $11 Million, Zac Efron's 'We Are Your Friends' Tanks
  14. intangible child

    Spirit Science 12 ~ The Human History Movie
  15. RNG

    India's Mars Mission Cost 25% Less Than the Movie "Gravity"

    Does the world have its priorities in place or what? More of this story and further links at BBC News - Why India's Mars mission is so cheap - and thrilling
  16. imaginethat

    SpaceX Dragon V2 taxicab rocket looks like a sci-fi movie set

    Private enterprise, with help from NASA, is poised to get the US back into having a manned spacecraft program. Considering we're completely dependent on the Russian space program, this sounds like a good idea to me. It's a vehicle with remarkable potential. More: New SpaceX Dragon V2...
  17. T

    Better than a movie!

    Snake eats croc after epic fight in Qld | Sky News Australia
  18. Dude111

    A nice flash movie

    "In God we trust" Very well done :)
  19. Uncle Han

    New York Theater Will Admit Teens to NC-17 Lesbian Movie

    New York Theater Will Admit Teens to NC-17 ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’ Blue Is The Warmest Color Cannes OCTOBER 24, 2013 | 02:41PM PT IFC Center will ignore MPAA's 'voluntary' rating Allegra Tepper @allegraceline RELATED STORIES Blue is the Warmest Color Movie FILM 06:33 PM Why...
  20. intangible child

    Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters (Full Video)

    Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters - Full - 1:30:17 Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters - Full - YouTube