1. RNG

    Car imports threaten national security

    Or at least that's what the Republican President wants you to think. ZTE with their tons of high tech spying gear get a free pass but that Honda Civic is going to steal all your nuclear secrets I guess. Trump administration launches vehicle import probe - BBC News
  2. imaginethat

    Mexicans want to strike back after Trump sends the National Guard to the border

    DJ went from hammering Mexico for non-cooperation yesterday to giving thanks to Mexico "for ... the strong immigration laws of Mexico and their willingness to use them so as not to cause a giant scene at our Border." More here: Mexico wants to strike back after Trump sends National Guard to...
  3. RNG

    The Republican President to send National Guard to border

    Trump says he wants military to help at U.S.-Mexico border | CBC News I thought National Guards were in fact State National Guards. Does the president have the authority to send a National Guard somewhere? Tweet from CBC:
  4. RNG

    National debt tops $21 T

    Those fiscal conservatives are just rolling along to economic bliss for everyone.
  5. U

    The Democratic National Committee now!!!

    Tom Perez, Chair. Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair. Ken Martin, Vice Chair, ASDC President. Maria Elena Durazo, Vice Chair. Michael Blake, Vice Chair. Rep. Grace Meng, Vice Chair. Karen Carter Peterson, Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Participation. Jason Rae, Secretary. Do you...
  6. skews13

    GOP Raises National Debt $1Trillion In Less Than 6 Months

    Will increase another $617 Billion this year because of new tax cut legislation alone. As of the latest reporting by the Treasury Department, the US gross national debt rose by $41.5 billion on Thursday, February 22, to a grand total of $20.8 trillion. Here's the thing: On September 7...
  7. RNG

    Attn: Athena - The 1958 National Defense Education Act

    Quite a few times you have posted statements similar to this quote from one of your posts recently: I did a bit of a search of National Defense Education Act and didn't see anything particularly nefarious in it. And as to putting a greater emphasis on technology, that IMO was brilliant...
  8. Neil

    Did this make national headlines?

    Chicago Tribune - 2 dead, 2 wounded in city shootings: 2 dead, 2 wounded in city shootings - Chicago Tribune
  9. T

    Can a High School Ban Students from Kneeling during the National Anthem?

    The crowd was mostly white when the high school quarterback knelt during the national anthem, his silent protest playing out on a cool desert night. It was the second time that V.A., the 17-year-old star player from San Pasqual Valley High in Winterhaven, California, had taken a knee to protest...
  10. skews13

    Signs That Win The Internets At The National Women's March

    From 3.3 million to 5.2 million. 300 cities---and records are breaking all over. (Here in Austin, it’s the largest gathering in city history.) And they aren’t just marching and going home: a record number of women are running for office. Hundreds of thousands have become activists and...
  11. RNG

    9 of 12 National Parks advisory board members quit over anger with Zinke

    Who needs stinkin' National Parks anyway?
  12. imaginethat

    National Guard soldier home for holidays died saving people in the deadly Bronx fire

    The face of a good, courageous man, an immigrant from Ghana. A National Guard soldier home for the holidays died trying to save people in the deadly Bronx fire A National Guard soldier who was home for the holidays died while saving people from the massive apartment fire in the Bronx...
  13. Clara007

    The GOP War On Our National Parks

    If ever there was an example of the stupidity and complete disregard for our environment, our parks and all our public land it's the latest news about Trump's plan to shrink Bears Ears Monument/Park. SALT LAKE CITY — President Trump is expected to announce a historic reduction to Bears Ears...
  14. titan

    A comment advocating national unity, from the president

    The calling card of the demagogue is always us against them. And [President George] Washington warned against those folks, I mean you know, because it's the easiest thing in the world to do. You can destroy in a minute. Building takes time and it takes commitment and that's part of Washington's...
  15. Clara007

    Our National Parks: Fees going up??

    I don't know about you but our family loves our national parks. We have visited so many of them, particularly when our kids were young. Of course my personal favorite is the Grand Canyon. For over 100 years, Presidents of both parties have used their power to create and preserve our national...
  16. Peter the Roman

    Mit Brennender Sorge

    Venerable Brethren, Greetings, and Apostolic Blessing. It is with burning concern and growing surprise that We have long been following the painful trials of the Church and the increasing vexations which afflict those who have remained loyal in heart and action in the midst of a people that...
  17. skews13

    It's Not Obamacare Anymore, It's Our National Healthcare System

    The challenge now is to stabilize the ACA’s insurance marketplaces. They are not in free fall or imploding, as President Trump suggests, and in most markets insurer profits have been improving. But one thing is clear: 59 percent of the public says President Trump and the Republicans are now...
  18. RNG

    National Review dumps on Trump

    That bastion of US conservativism has published a scathing critique of Trump. I guess they agree that not only is he not a Republican, but he isn't a conservative either. Many of us already knew that. Read more at Donald Trump?s Media Obsession -- Mika Brzezinski Tweet Is Latest Example |...
  19. L

    National Socialism of North America ?!

    How many ?? My quess list are this: 12 % in Canada. 3 % in Mexico. 2 % in USA. :-D :-D :-D .. :flag:
  20. highfly

    Why Vote National Socialist?

    Because voting republican doesn't get us anywhere. (And voting democrat sure as hell doesn't) Take the lying worm Trump. His idea to create more jobs comes from the discredited playbook of Reagan. Which is to give the wealthy more money. Through what I hear will be the greatest tax cuts for...