1. N

    Question for US Citizens about NATO

    Is there a reason you think we ought to remain in NATO? (If you answer this question on this thread, keep in mind given the title of this thread that by doing so, you are claiming to be a US Citizen unless you state that you are not a US Citizen.)
  2. Clara007

    Trump and Stormy (NATO)

    One of the EU’s most senior leaders has sharply criticised Donald Trump for not valuing European allies on the eve of a Nato summit that is taking place at a time of increasing global tensions. Worried Nato partners wonder if Atlantic alliance can survive Trump The European council...
  3. RNG

    Senate votes to support NATO ahead of Trump summit

    Is this a bit of a fuck-you to Dot Don? My emphasis.
  4. Citizen Kane

    Give Trump his due: Europe must spend more on NATO

    Indeed, and any American not backing President Trump on this is a fool. About the author: Matthieu Borsboom, a former vice admiral of the Royal Netherlands Navy, is Burson-Marsteller’s senior adviser for defense and security...
  5. RNG

    Dot Don actively trying to kill NATO

    So the news hits that Dot Don sent a nastygram to other NATO members demanding that they up their defense spending. Doesn't it bother people that he seems to just keep doing Putin's bidding?
  6. R

    The Biggest Threat to World Peace Is NATO

    It should have been obvious already! A military alliance with no more stated purpose and reason to exist other than to project commercial interests and justify increasing military spending is the greatest immediate threat to world peace and continued human survival on the planet. From Eric...
  7. imaginethat

    NATO member Turkey set to buy Russian S-400 ground to air AA systems

    The S-400 systems are state of the art. This just doesn't feel right. Turkey set to buy Russian missile defence system Putin's adviser confirms agreement marking the NATO member's first major weapons purchase from Russia. Turkey is set to buy Russian-owned missile defence systems, marking the...
  8. J

    The Arctic challenge

    Climate change and the ongoing diminishing of the ice-caps appear to provoke interest not only with ecologists and 'green' politicians. Increasing accessibility of the vital energy and naval resources, appearance of far more favorable logistic solutions via Arctic region, and, most...
  9. D

    Illusory aegis

    The quality of preliminary analysis determines whether the strategic decision made is wright or wrong, while the quality of preliminary analysis itself depends mainly on the information sufficiency. Otherwise it will be like in the joke: optimism owes its birth just to lack of information. It...
  10. imaginethat

    Trump Hands Putin a Win at First NATO Meeting

    The irony? The only time Article 5 has been invoked was for NATO to come to the US' aid following 911. And please, nobody say that we can either try to be friends with Russia or else have a nuclear war. That false dichotomy won't ever become true through repetition. Trump Hands Putin a...
  11. skews13

    Rex Tillerson To Skip NATO Meeting To Visit Russia Instead

    Tillerson won’t exactly be on new turf. He’s an old Moscow hand, what with his $500 billion deal with Putin just waiting for Trump to flip the off switch on US sanctions. Rex Tillerson isn’t just standing up NATO. He’s deliberately standing up NATO, then making a special call on Moscow. Rex...
  12. GhostRider

    Trump ignorant about NATO

    After Trump tweets embarrassingly inaccurate info, former NATO ambassador publicly educates Trump The liar trump doesn't know the first thing about NATO much like most of the right wing in this country.
  13. G

    VP Pence visits with NATO allies and...

    the top dog of NATO says all the nations will be contributing more to the funding of NATO. He said they had slowly been trying to meet the goals that had been set and more were ready to contribute their "fair share". Odd how CNN doesn't talk about that.
  14. excalibur

    Are NATO Members Carrying Their Weight? Only 5 of 28 Countries Pay ‘Fair Share’

    Yeah, Uncle Sam, we'll hold your coat while you fight for us. Are NATO Members Carrying Their Weight? Only 5 of 28 Countries Pay ‘Fair Share’ Trump Questions Whether NATO Countries Pay ?Fair Share? 
  15. K

    NATO shatter..

    It wants to be an anti-terrorism force rather than some NATO countries persists then jumps Sweden in cooperation. Russia likes this. But a US-Russia cooperation in the fight against terrorism will not occur. Russia wants victory many details of whether this is American-Russian cooperation not I...
  16. GhostRider

    Head of NATO slams the Trump

    BREAKING: Head of NATO Slams Trump When He Shows His Ignorance On Foreign Policy, Trump Is Speechless ? Democratic Review Trump is the most inept person to ever run for President. Trump couldn't even be a good president of his own fan club of retarded idiots.
  17. fdtwain

    Against USA and NATO

    Creator God, Lord God Jehovah, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, orders the United States of America and the American people to unconditionally withdraw all armed forces of the United States of America to the territory of the United States of America by the end of year 2022, to transfer all...
  18. excalibur

    Trump: Rethink NATO

    Donald Trump: U.S. should rethink NATO involvement - 
  19. imaginethat

    NATO's determination to contain Russia dangerous

    Courtesy of Pravda..... See more at: NATO's determination to contain Russia dangerous - PravdaReport
  20. freemktforces

    NATO invites Montenegro to join... Russia is unhappy

    NATO foreign ministers agreed to formally invite Montenegro, a country which we bombed in the Kosovo war, to join. Moscow has said the move is a "provocation" even though the country has a population of 600,000 and isn't as strategic geographically as other NATO members. Secretary of State John...