1. F

    Send For Mother Nature She cannot fool Mother Nature if her health is bad. She already has trouble staying awake: Earlier this year, Ginsburg admitted she 'wasn't 100 per cent sober' when she dozed off during Obama's State of the Union address. Her excuse then? A 'very good California...
  2. J

    The right soul is showing as it has never been shown in the passed, their true nature

    The lowest level of humanity, the people who have been kept under the slime rocks in this country. Are proudly stepping out from their scum world that they been forced to live in because of their sleezyness. But the level of their slese has been matched by the new white house. The president is a...
  3. xMathFanx

    The Self-Contradictory Nature of Both the Left and Right

    The Self-Contradictory Nature of Both the Left and Right A huge problem with the typical talk surrounding the Left-Right dynamic is that the many of the positions/views on both sides are self-contradictory and often highly out of step with theory. A few examples I have previously given about...
  4. D

    The Nature of Rights

    I spent a lot of hours the past few weeks in search of an answer to a question: Where do we get our Rights from? My research revealed a lot of complex answers. Where do you get YOUR Rights from?
  5. webguy4

    Sins of a sexual nature

    What are the special problems with this sort of sin? Are sexual sins worse than other sins? Comments please.
  6. LongWinded

    Is it nature or

    nurture that defines who we are? Why?
  7. LongWinded

    Nature faces off against politics in North Carolina

    Nature Confronts Politics in North Carolina | Al Jazeera America Seas are rising all over the world. Good thing these climate deniers will take care of the problem financially by themselves and NOT ask the federal government, who believes this is a man made condition at speeding up the...
  8. Medicine Man

    "Laziness"; Nature vs. Nurture

    For the longest-time, I'd always assumed "conservatives" CHOSE to be lazy....typically demonstrated by their aversion to ANY kind of work (that'd be required), to (actually) correct societal-problems. It appears, NOW, they're more-than-likely suffering from a.... * Due to the (current)...
  9. Medicine Man

    Right-Wing Trolling; Psychopathic, By Nature

    Right here, all o' you LMBHs!!!
  10. Medicine Man

    Trouble Sleeping?? Ma Nature vs. Big Pharma!!

    Gee.....whatta "tough"-decision. * vs. 30 Billion Retirees Can't ALL Be Wrong!!! - YouTube
  11. intangible child

    Setting rivers free: As dams are torn down, nature is quickly recovering

    BENTON FALLS, Maine — “Look underneath you,” commands Nate Gray, a burly biologist for the state of Maine. He reaches down to the grate floor of a steel cage perched on a dam straddling the Sebasticook River, and pulls back a board revealing the roiling river 30 feet below. “All you see is...
  12. Medicine Man

    Ma Nature; HUGE Fan of Alternatives!!!!

  13. Medicine Man

    Jobs: Ma Nature vs. Barack Obama!

    Yeah....even She can't manage to sabotage the Obamaconomy....and, Republican-pinheads are STILL trying!!!!
  14. RNG

    Nature is Awesome

    How wolves change rivers. Worth the 4.5 minutes.
  15. TNVolunteer73

    Mother Nature releases more "Green House" Gasses than all of mankind in seconds.

    Mount Pavlof in Alaska Erupts, Spews Ash - Weather, forecasts, news, blogs and maps - MSN Weather
  16. M

    Racist Nature Of Gingrich

  17. Dude111

    The Nature Of War [Warning: Graphic] War is the worst thing ever to have started happening!
  18. CNN

    Mother Nature could have say in crucial Senate vote

    A major winter storm is expected to bring more than 20 inches of snow to the Washington, D.C. area on Saturday, the same day senators will vote on a $636 billion defense spending bill. More...
  19. C

    Humans seek to transcend nature via culture

    Humans seek to transcend nature via culture But Love has pitched his mansion in The place of excrement.--Yates “What will come of my whole life…Is there any meaning in my life that the inevitable death awaiting me does not destroy?”—Tolstoy In his Pulitzer Prize-winning book The...
  20. Dude111

    Free Wallpaper - Nature Photos

    For anyone who likes the exotic or somewhat natural view,here is a wonderfull site which has some beautifull scenic pics Just on page 1 already i see some beauty!!