1. goober

    Sessions explains difference between us and the Nazis

    When you need to explain the differences between our concentration camps and Nazi concentration camps and all you can come up with is "the Nazis were keeping the Jews from leaving" Maybe you better rethink what you're doing...
  2. tristanrobin

    When Can We Call Nazis "Nazis?"

    When Can We Call Nazis “Nazis”? Why Silence is Complicity, to Which History Bears Witness I awoke this morning, as I often do these days, to a hilariously tragic sight. An historian in my Twitter feed was bravely lecturing everyone that we are not allowed to call uniformed forces...
  3. Gordy

    nazis vs antifa

  4. Quigley

    UC Santa Cruz Liberals Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis And A Threat To Their Sa

    A meeting of the College Republicans at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over and subsequently shut down by hard-left students who literally screamed that the groups very existence was a threat to their safety. The leftist group initially organized the effort to derail the...
  5. handydude

    Were The Nazis "Racist?"

    Not as racist as you have been brainwashed to believe. For example, around 150,000 Jews actually fought FOR the Nazis. I will show you some pictures of other non-whites who fought for the Nazis. And one negro athlete for good measure.
  6. tristanrobin

    Alt-Right, Nazis, and KKK to Form 'Largest Racist Pro

    Alt-Right, Nazis, and KKK to Emerge From Behind Keyboards to Form 'Largest Racist Protest in Decades' A planned demonstration by white nationalist extremists in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been described as the “largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the United States” by a...
  7. highfly

    Were The Nazis Racist?

    To the degree that they would have kept enemy muslim invaders out of Germany instead of letting them in like they're doing today, I would hope so. But the Nazis weren't as racist as your jewish masters have caused you to like believing they were. For example, up to 150,000 Jews actually fought...
  8. Endtherepublic

    May All Your Punches Hit Nazis
  9. Sabcat

    What is so bad about Nazis?

    Ever wonder about Nazis? Here is a little video about that question.
  10. E

    The secret Delta Nazis

    I share with you this special and illustrated report bringing some pictures of one of the most secret and mysterious projects of the Luftwaffe during World War II. Visiting the link below, in addition to photos, you can also contribute to the discussion by answering the poll if these projects...
  11. Daws77

    the neo nazis new clothes ? wtf?
  12. Sabcat

    Why nazis were socialists
  13. intangible child

    Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security by U.S.

    Osijek, Croatia – — Former Auschwitz guard Jakob Denzinger lived the American dream. His plastics company in the Rust Belt town of Akron, Ohio, thrived. He acquired the trappings of success: luxury cars, a lakefront home, investments in oil and real estate. Then the Nazi hunters showed up...
  14. Medicine Man

    Gay Nazis: Kill All "Straights"/Take-Over World!!

    Whew!!!! How DO people, like this, get to run for public-office??
  15. Medicine Man

    Who Are The "Nazis", NOW?!!!

  16. Hondo69

    Nazis On Parade

    Controversial Democrat Alan Grayson has set off a flurry of criticism from conservatives after the Florida congressman sent out a fundraising email to supporters in which he compared the tea party to the Ku Klux Klan. Grayson’s original comments came during a recent appearance on MSNBC’s...
  17. poet

    Nazis Can’t Do Math: Essat by Tim Wise

    Tim Wise » Nazis Can?t Do Math: Reflections on Racism, Crime and the Illiteracy of Right-Wing Statistical Analysis Nazis Can’t Do Math: Reflections on Racism, Crime and the Illiteracy of Right-Wing Statistical Analysis Posted on August 25, 2013 White supremacists never cease to amaze...
  18. S

    Gays Are Nazis

    Lest we forget what actual Nazis did..... It must be tough to be such a fragile bigot as Bryan Fischer and live in constant fear of gay Nazis. And isn't "Fischer" a German name?
  19. Tirya

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

    White supremacists hope Obama win prompts backlash - Yahoo! News (gee, sounds like some members of this Forum...)