1. skews13

    China Warns N. Korea It Will Stay Neutral If It Launches Missiles At US Territory

    An editorial published Thursday in a Chinese state-owned newspaper issued dual warnings to the United States and North Korea against military action on the Korean Peninsula, asserting that “China will respond with a firm hand” if its interests are threatened by either nation. The editorial...
  2. A Omnist called Communist

    What's up? Politically Neutral here.

    I am not sure how to introduce myself. I'm an Omnist, so my "religious" or philosophical/political views go hand in hand. I search for the common Truth among all things, anything from a book or myth to a speaker like Alan Watts, to common things you see every day like the waves hitting the beach...
  3. U


    I think the liberals may be on to something with this inclusiveness thing, in the case of ISIS we should accept them and stop fighting here at home and in the middle east and let this situation seek it's on level. We should be neutral towards them and the county's they occupy.:grin:
  4. webguy4

    USA's Gender Neutral Military

    In order to more rapidly facilitate the gender neutrality of America's armed services the joint chiefs of staff have directed that all members off each of the armed forces will be issued a standard undergarment they are required to wear. this garment is to be sheer, tight fitting, rayon, with an...