1. Ploughboy


    Greetings. I'm a newbie here and like to debate tough issues. I am a gentleman but will debate passionately. But I try very hard to never get personal with people. I will debate the issue and even read what others say. I hope the mods will be nice to me here cause I was kicked off a forum...
  2. L

    Conservative or Hillary Clinton starting newbie president 2018's begin ???

    It will be Conservative republican Kasich if republican chooses this or after Supreme Court december 17 first women as president Hilarious Clinton if we goes this way with current president Trump how is possibility when Obama said Russia was hackers 16 and all Europeans wants only Clinton or one...
  3. V


    Hi all, I am Victor
  4. thappadapp

    Hello friends!!

    Hello all, I am new to this forum from India, I hope I can make some good discussions with all and can share my thoughts here.
  5. Wanderer


    Hi all, just wandered in from across the 'pond'. I was aware of this place from one of your mods (P_N) visiting another forum site that I'm a member of. This one seems a bit more civilized so I'll do my best to conform ;-)
  6. A


    Hi, I'm a newbie. I came here quite innocently, But then thought, how can truth relate with politics? The two are like chalk and cheese. Truth is silent and immense, while politic amounts to nothing more Than heaps of verbiage.
  7. H

    Brenda Steinberg Bakersfield...( Newbie)

    Hello I'm Brenda R Steinberg, from California.and i'm 30 Y/o Thanks to the Admin: Brenda Steinberg
  8. D

    Jeremiah Pritchett newbie here!

    Hi i'm Jeremiah Pritchett, I found this forum recently and decided to join. Hoping to make some good connections and learn knowledge from you guys! regards, Jeremiah Pritchett Jeremiah Pritchett Twitter | Jeremiah Pritchett Facebook
  9. K

    NewBie here dennis john chiron

    hello guys newbie in the community.. hello users here in defending the truth regards, dennis John chiron
  10. C

    Breffni McGeough Newbie Here!

    Hello Everyone. I've been here a couple of days but I finally manage to find the community forums. Nice to meet you all. I have no friends yet so add me if you want. Regards Breffni McGeough
  11. C

    jose miguel coletta newbie

    hello everybody ...nice to be here... iam newbie here too.. regards, jose miguel coletta
  12. R

    Brady Bunte Dirty "Newbie"

    Hello everybody...nice to be here at your site.. Thanks: Brady Bunte Dirty
  13. Y

    Steven Virgadamo! Another Newbie Here!

    Brief Introduction Guys... Im Steven Virgadamo! Newbie Here! Glad to be part of this community site! Greetings, Steven Virgadamo
  14. D

    Melissa Rosario Immigration Orlando newbie

    hello everybody.... nice to meet you all best regards, Melissa Rosario Immigration Orlando
  15. M

    Newbie here and etc

    My name is Jessica and I'm 27. Still live with my parents, Metro New York, on the New Jersey Side of it USA. Have an fraternal twin sister as well. I was born with a Neurologically based speech impairment/apraxia-dysarthria. Been suffering from depression/anxiety since 9/2001. Currently, I'm an...
  16. D

    Veteran Newbie

    I posted on political forums a lot years ago but gradually grew tired of it. But the Internet is constantly evolving, so I thought I'd give it another try. Where I fit on the political spectrum is hard to say. Most people would probably consider me a left-wing extremist, or even a radical...
  17. Zack


    Hello everyone! I'm the new guy on the block so about me: Born in poverty, a child of a hard working dad and mom in 1948. My dad was born in 1905 and his dad owned a farm where I started my life adventure. After graduating high school I was drafted into the Army in 1967 and decided to...
  18. O

    Newbie, saying hello

    Hello, I just wanted to say hello, I am new to this site and found it really interesting. I am sure I will have many , However I know I will also have many answers as well. I look forward to hearing what many people think and feel on specific topic's.
  19. K

    kitu newbie

    hi all hope all is well in your comfy american world i do believe this is the most one sided debating site i have ever visited no matter it is non aggressive and interesting though it might as well be edited by your neo-con gov as a well informed graduate good luck to you ridin high you have a...
  20. Cyber Queen

    Newbie Here

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty conservative and love to debate issues I really believe in. I look forward to chatting with y'all.