1. reedak

    Some N.Korean businesses defy China shutdown order

    1. The following are excerpts from an AFP news report, dated 09 January 2018, under the headline "Some N.Korean businesses defy China shutdown order" at http://en.rfi.fr/wire/20180109-some-nkorean-businesses-defy-china-shutdown-order (Begin excerpts) Some North Korean businesses in China had...
  2. pensacola niceman

    Dogs ripped kids to pieces in N.Korean camp: ex-guard

    Geneva (AFP) - Ahn Myong-Chol witnessed many horrors as a North Korean prison camp guard, but few haunt him like the image of guard dogs attacking school children and tearing them to pieces. Ahn, who worked as a prison camp guard for eight years until he fled the country in 1994, recalls the...