1. noonereal

    Anyone else notice Saint Ronnie

    Anyone else notice Saint Ronnie is no longer considered as the holy grail of the right?
  2. U

    NOTICE Tx shooting was NOT with an autorifle?

    pipe bombs can easily kill far more than an auto rifle, when kids are locked in rooms. In fact, a SiNGLE shot 12 ga, loaded with #4 buckshot and the barrel hacksawed off at 10" of length, easily concealed under a jacket, can hit several people with each shot, 30- 40 ft of distance. That single...
  3. tristanrobin

    Trump is Hoping You're Too Stupid to Notice

    Trump is Hoping You're Too Stupid to Notice You can tell what President Trump is afraid of by what he chooses to lie about. That means he must be petrified of losing support over his failure to build a single mile of the “big, beautiful” border wall he promised. Trump is scared of a lot of...
  4. U

    Notice that school security has gone away!!!

    Except for the blame game, same old stuff, again!!!!
  5. tristanrobin

    American democracy is failing. The courts are finally starting to notice.

    American Democracy is Failing. The Courts Are Finally Starting to Notice. here is something profoundly wrong with the United States of America’s system of government. For proof, briefly take stock of the last ten years in American democracy, in which a combination of factors — the...
  6. G

    Notice the kind of people making

    attacks against the President? Samantha Holvey, the beauty pageant constestant that says Trump cam "backstage", where they girls were getting make up and saw her "naked in a robe". Wow..she was gong to parade across a stage and in front of millions of TV watchers in a bikini and she was upset...
  7. G

    Notice how the Dems are saying we

    now need to "fix" Obamacare? Even during the past days of debate,they admitted there were some big problems...what and when did they ever try to do anything about those...those problems didn't just happen since Jan. Maybe they are just finishing reading those...what thousand pages of Obamacare...
  8. tristanrobin

    Notice From a White Cysgender Woman Who Goes Pee Pee and Poo Poo
  9. dusty


    the book of revelations is not the true words of god because god wrote his words in the book of the apocalypse and man changed it to revelations.
  10. locke23

    Notice #2

    I bet some of you have noticed my absence on the forum recently. This is because of two things: 1. Yet another one of my comrades from my squadron (4/Frontenac) at RMC passed away. His name was Brett and he was a great guy. Two of my to comrades, one of which was a friend and mentor, died in a...
  11. excalibur

    Police Shooting That Received Little Notice

    Kudos to the Times for doing a story. 
  12. Mrs. CJ Parker

    Anyone else notice the Republican Tea Party has not created ANY Jobs Bills?

    That will help Americans find work? Notice they have not done ONE bill to raise taxes on the rich, although that is the best way to raise the most money in revenue and bring down the debt? Notice they have not done ONE bill to help the housing deficit for low income people and bring them in...
  13. TNVolunteer73

    Anyone else notice the left's, increase in personal attack via graphic on GOP

    Has anyone noticed the use of mind numbed graphics used by the left as of late against GOP Canidates.. No substance, just stupid pictures with tired old punch lines. Nothing about Issues, Policies, information.. An Example of just one: Quote: Originally Posted by npr...
  14. dusty

    anyone notice this

    in the last 3 years when I first noticed it 3 years ago there are not to many bees as there was befor then. not only that there are even fewer bees nest I haven't seen a hive in 5 years. and I know where I am supposed to see them. so far I saw only 2 yellow jackets this year. and soon it...
  15. Mrs. CJ Parker

    Media Hardly Notice Deficit Drop

    Media Hardly Notice Deficit Drop | Research | Media Matters for America And corporate media is "liberal", how?
  16. TNVolunteer73

    Notice "How much each taxpayer owes" (this is when the debt was only 14.7 Trillion

    Bottom right hand side of the graph. it was 1,012,000/taxpayer Today that has grown to 1,087,000 dollars/taxpayer. Uncle Sam.. Hey buddy can you spare a Million.
  17. hevusa

    Anyone notice the lack of Israeli conflict coverage?

    Anyone notice the lack of media coverage about the Israeli conflict since Lebanon started hurling rockets into north Israel??
  18. tristanrobin

    N.H. Repeals Parental Notice Law