1. Sabcat

    Adam Schiff pranked by Russians who offered nude photos of Trump

    I had brought this up in passing a few days ago and am surprised that there isn't a thread already on this subject. If there is i missed it. Adam Schiff pranked by Russians who offered nude photos of Trump Here is the recording. It is awesome
  2. GhostRider

    Nude statue of the Trump Watch the video, the video seems to be historically accurate, the small handed Trump has no balls.
  3. GhostRider

    Pat Robertson says Melania Trumps nude pics are god's work of art

    Pat Robertson: ?Melania?s Nude Pics Are Pure Art That Shows The Beauty Of God?s Work? - Newslo Right wing hyprocracy at its finest
  4. imaginethat

    100 Nude Women Protest Trump at the RNC

    Maybe, this is the beginning of a trend, "setting the tone...." More: Everything She Says Means Everything installation of 100 nude women at the RNC.
  5. imaginethat

    Artist: I Was Attacked Over Nude Trump Painting

    Violent Trump supporters strike again..... Artist Illma Gore: I Was Attacked Over Nude Donald Trump Painting
  6. excalibur

    Italian Government Censors Nude Statues for Iranian President’s Visit

    Italian Government Censors Nude Statues in Rome for Iranian President?s Visit | Mediaite 
  7. pensacola_niceman

    Is All Danica Patrick Can Do is Pose Nude and Crash Cars?

    Danica Patrick's fourth and final Daytona start in 2012 ended just like the first three; with a crash. Patrick qualified third and spent most of the evening near the front, leading five times for a career-high 13 laps, and missed the race's 14-car pileup because she was at the head of...
  8. imaginethat

    How To Hit A Nude Beach

    If you've never been to a nude beach, it might not be what you think it might be, probably.... http://www.foxnews.c...k#ixzz1r6hALxYu
  9. imaginethat

    Dance Moms " Nude " Dance Routine Episode

    “I’m hot, I’m mean, you can’t have me, you can’t afford me,” Miller recited to the girls as she taught the moves, before telling the cameras: “The moms are ridiculous because all they’re worried about is their kids and their bodies and blah blah. Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. This...
  10. Catus Felidae

    Nude photo

    Jaaaman has requested that I remove my nude profile photo so that children do not come across it. I refused and pointed out that DTT is an adult forum and if parents don't want their children coming across adult things, they need look after their kids. So......just out of curiosity...
  11. Dude111

    Nude pics...

    ...of Thermaltake stuff. Nice
  12. intangible child

    Mary Christmas readers... Mexican Playboy puts nude Virgin Mary on cover

    . Most people would not think porn and religion were a match made in heaven. But Playboy appear to believe they're a winning combination and has put the Virgin Mary nude on its cover to celebrate Christmas. The controversial magazine is sure to cause uproar in Mexico where it was released...
  13. intangible child

    Cop Who Ordered Nude Man Tasered,comits Suicides

    Followup from the story a few days ago, on the man who was tasered and fell to his death. The lieutenant who ordered the tazing was found dead of an "apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound." After Taser death, cop dies in apparent suicide - Life - NYPD 1, Harmless Naked Man...
  14. T

    High School Senior's Nude Photos Posted Around School

    Ex-Girlfriend Allegedly Made 300 Copies Of Photo POSTED: 4:34 pm EDT May 6, 2005 UPDATED: 8:39 pm EDT May 6, 2005 TOPTON, Pa. -- A Berks County high school was scandalized after nude pictures of a student were posted around the school. It happened at the Brandywine Heights High School...