1. Camelot

    Nunes Caught On Tape Planning Obstruction

    Rachel Maddow is now playing taped remarks from Nunes at a fundraising event. Nunes clearly states that if Sessions does not recuse himself and Mueller isn’t willing to clear Don the Con, then they have to impeach Rosenstein to stop the investigation. Nunes also stated that they have to wait...
  2. Camelot

    Nunes Didn’t Read Russia Investigation Doc

    This is what suckers Republicans play their base for. After whining to see the unredacted document that led to the Russia investigation, creepy Nunes would not open the folder and read the two page document when he was given special access in a secure setting at the justice department. Nunes’...
  3. RNG

    Democrat counter to Nunes memo to be released

    Emails and tweets are jumping out all over about the relevant committee voting unanimously to release the Democrat memo. I'm surprised it was unanimous.
  4. skews13

    Nunes Alters Memo After Committee Approves It's Release

    Nunes forged the memo he sent to the White House, after its approval. Breathtaking. These people are straight up criminals.
  5. Clara007

    Nunes' Weapon of Mass Distraction

    Surprise surprise! Sometimes I watch the FOX/Henhouse report. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith rebuked Republicans in Congress and some at his own network for hyping the release of a memo reportedly detailing surveillance abuses by the U.S. government, calling the memo a "weapon of mass...
  6. skews13

    Breaking: Nunes Releases Memo

    And Mueller responds immediately. Informant to Sen. Ron Johnson releases undercover photo of Secret Society meeting of three FBI partisans. But Trey Gowdy and his investigators are on top of it.
  7. skews13

    Devin Nunes Should Be The Subject Of An Investigation Not Running One

    Devin Nunes’ attempts to derail the investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government are making even his fellow Republicans uneasy. [Republican Representative Trey Gowdy] said that his “heart would be broken” if Nunes follows through on reported plans to...
  8. avlis

    Devin Nunes met with source who revealed trumpets to Trump

    Devin Nunes met with source who revealed trumpets to Trump. Meeting happened at the White House. 27.03.17PARTILHE 0 0 1/3 Devin Nunes Getty Images 0 0 The House of Representatives Committee Chairman Devin Nunes met in the White House with the source who informed him that Donald Trump was...
  9. avlis

    Biography .Devin Nunes

    Download High Resolution Official Portrait Rep. Devin Nunes (2010) Devin Nunes (born October 1, 1973) has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2003. He currently represents California's 22nd congressional district, which is located in the San Joaquin Valley and includes...
  10. GhostRider

    Nunes backtracks on yesterday's lie.

    Nancy Pelosi Just Annihilated Trumper ?Stooge? Devin Nunes With Some Brutal News, Ouch [Video] ? Democratic Review Yesterday the right wing liar Nunes said there was evidence the liar trump was surveilled, today he says maybe just their names were mentioned in a conversation. The liars keep...
  11. skews13

    Devin Nunes Intends To Obstruct Justice

    House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes called a press conference a little while ago to announce that he intended to commit a blatant act of criminal obstruction of justice with respect to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of Trump and Trump associates’ connections to the Russians’...