1. CNN

    Opinion: Success in Afghanistan? Not by 2011

    The day of the General McChrystal mea culpa last week, an Afghan friend of mine, whom we can call Osman, drove from Kandahar city to his native village. A group of Taliban stopped the car and demanded to search Osman and his companions. More...
  2. CNN

    Opinion: Whitman, Fiorina pander on immigration

    California Republicans Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman probably hope Latinos -- who make up 20 percent of voters in the state -- have long fuses and short memories. More...
  3. CNN

    Opinion: 'Don't ask, don't tell' deal is good for country

    The word compromise is never music to the ears of passionate advocates for a cause. This is especially true for advocates of overturning the military's "don't ask, don't tell" law, a law that was supposed to be a suitable compromise itself in 1993. More...
  4. CNN

    Opinion: Christie is blunt -- and right -- on fiscal control

    Governors' press conferences rarely go viral. But a spirited exchange between recently elected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and a columnist for the Star-Ledger has become an instant YouTube classic at a time when fiscal battles are brewing in states around the nation. More...
  5. CNN

    Opinion: Gays wrong to call for Kagan to declare sexuality

    On both sides of the battle between oppressed groups and their oppressors exist extremists. On one side are those whose prejudices help sustain the inequities most of us are trying to eradicate. On the other are those who refuse to see any significant progress, either because their worldview is...
  6. CNN

    Opinion: Left is mute on racial double standard in Kagan pick

    If a white Republican president of the United States appointed a white male as his next Supreme Court justice, and upon the inspection of his record, it was discovered that of the 29 full-time tenured or tenured track faculty he hired as dean of Harvard Law, nearly all of them were white men...
  7. CNN

    Opinion: What happened to McCain the maverick?

    Dear Sen. John McCain: More...
  8. CNN

    Opinion: The Wall Street 'bailout' that isn't

    When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell decided last week to portray the Democratic version of financial regulation as a Wall Street "bailout," it seemed like a brilliant, albeit cynical, political move. More...
  9. CNN

    Opinion: Tea Party protests are a good thing

    An angry bunch of Americans has taken to the streets to protest government spending and the direction of the nation, and judging by the massive media coverage, it's as if we have been invaded by a foreign entity, marching on state capitals and Washington ready to lead a coup d'état against our...
  10. dusty

    my final opinion with facts

  11. CNN

    Opinion: No reason to 'drill, baby, drill'

    Wednesday's speech from President Obama unveiling his new strategy on offshore drilling, which will keep some sensitive coastal areas open for drilling, hits close to home for me. More...
  12. CNN

    Opinion: Why Obama won health care

    President Obama changed the tone of the health care debateleading up to its passage and looked resolute in doing so, Drew Westin writes. More...
  13. CNN

    Opinion: Anti-government militias on the rise

    At least 10 death threats have been leveled against members of Congress since the health care vote. Windows at four district offices or county party headquarters have been shattered with bricks. More...
  14. CNN

    Opinion: Health bill lawsuits are dead on arrival

    A state attorney general is almost by definition a candidate for higher office. The filing of lawsuits challenging the health reform law by 14 attorneys general -- all but one of them Republican -- may look good for their next campaigns, but these cases are going nowhere legally. More...
  15. CNN

    Opinion: How GOP can rebound from its 'Waterloo'?

    What the hell do we Republicans do now? More...
  16. CNN

    Health care opinion roundup: A milestone, or a mistake?

    For decades, health care has sparked controversy in American politics. In the 14 months since President Obama took the oath of office, the issue has been debated passionately and exhaustively. With House passage of a sweeping health care bill, CNN.com asked a variety of political and medical...
  17. CNN

    Opinion: Pelosi emerges as powerhouse in D.C.

    The passage of health care will certainly rank as one of the major political achievements of recent decades. More...
  18. CNN

    Opinion: An open letter to Tavis Smiley

    Dear Tavis: Although we've never met, I feel like I know you. I've followed your career and listened to your commentary for over a decade. More...
  19. Cubbie

    Being morman means you can't have your own opinion.

    YouTube - A Mormon Speaks About Prop 8 in Church If they all had their magic panties on, what are they afraid of. I mean, how dare this extremely calm and brave man stand in front of them and speak his opinion..... Freedom of speech, nope, not in the church.
  20. Dude111

    Windows version with best icon/graphic style,whats your opinion?

    My favourite is 98se,nice and small and neat and I like the 16-color Windows Classic style. I wonder how many people agree with me