1. roastpork

    Another stupid LGBT outcome.

    Yes this is really fair, right?:unsure: Two Transgenders Crush Competition at Girl's State Track Championships
  2. J

    Outcome of WWII still bothers the Germans

    A new wave of revanchist ambitions has seized the minds of German nationalists decades later after Nazi Germany was defeated in the World War II. That has been triggered by a facebook comment of a Polish politician that encourages Poland and Lithuania to divide the lands of East Prussia which...
  3. TNVolunteer73

    If Obamacare enrollment continues as it has the last month: what is the outcome

    106,000 have put an exchange in their shopping cart.. only 36,000 have purchased a plan 400,000 have been added to Medicaid So that means that 1 in 5 will be added to medicare. so if we sign up 7,000,000 for an exchage, if the ratio is not changed. that means there will be...
  4. CNN

    Tea Party changes tone, but not outcome of Texas primary

    Tea Party activists in Texas helped affect the tone of the debate, but that didn't translate into big victories at the polls. More...