1. imaginethat

    Trump promotes Jeanine Pirro's new book in Oval Office

    Just imagine.... Imagine a liberal president doing this. Imagine the reaction from "conservatives." Trump outright breaks US law, and will his base hold him to account? Is the moon made of green cheese...
  2. RNG

    Putin offers tapes, err transcripts of Oval Office meeting

    So Putin is offering to give Congress a transcript of the meeting between Trump and the Russians held in the WH the day after Comey was dumped. Just one of multiple links. Putin offers to give U.S. Congress notes of Trump's meeting - World - CBC News Initial reports used the term "tapes"...
  3. Santa

    President Trump, Henry Kissinger Meet In Oval Office Amid Watergate Comparisons

    President Trump invited the press into the Oval Office Wednesday for photos and brief questions with a guest that shocked many of the reporters in attendance: Henry Kissinger, the controversial former secretary of State and official in the Nixon and Ford White Houses. Trump called the meeting...
  4. Sabcat

    The Oval Office

    Fantastic https://youtu.be/poVBERkt9_c
  5. P

    The audacity of the Goofball in the Oval Office!

    So I am at the gym doing my cardio, and I am plugged into the bike so I can watch, and listen to the Boy who would be King. I had to remember I was plugged in, the audacity of this lunatic to think people will just bow to his will. Democrats have a big dish of shut and sit down coming. I loved...
  6. imaginethat

    President Obama's Oval Office address

    Seriously? Not one liberal posted a link to Obama's speech last night? It was a good speech with good points that should resonate bilaterally, though I doubt they will, and it was short, always a plus. President Obama's full Oval Office address