1. tristanrobin

    Why Didn’t America Become Part of the Modern World?

    It seems so simple - and yet a lesson this nation can't learn. This is the best read I've come across today! Why Didn’t America Become Part of the Modern World? The Great Lesson of the 20th Century — and How America Never Learned It When I say “the modern world”, what do you think of...
  2. fandango

    The Joy Of Being "Offensive." Part 2.

    My thread "The joy of being offensive" didn't fly in the social issues section. So I will run a part 2 up the flag pole here and see who salutes it. Now if something offends you, you just have to say something about it. That is just the way things work. And there is much that offends me...
  3. Sabcat

    Finnish court okays Muslim’s rape of a 10-year-old girl as part of his “culture”

    Finnish court okays Muslim?s rape of a 10-year-old girl as part of his ?culture?
  4. U

    In the center most part of my brain, I see....

    SEX is gonna take a whole new definition during the trump sex storm....ROFL.......All the rules are gonna change..... The rules will encompass trumps whole life...... No adultery before becoming President........that will be a norm...... So all you dudes and dudeeeee's who are gonna run for...
  5. guy39

    Muh Russia part umm, well Muh Russia

    Sometimes you end up with what you ask for and its not pretty. More at Indictment reveals Russians also organized anti-Trump rallies after election | Fox News
  6. Sabcat

    Roy Moore accuser says she wrote the time and place under Moore's signature

    Roy Moore accuser admits she wrote part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama Senate candidate | Fox News Surprise!!! Surprise!!!!
  7. RNG

    And the Bleat Goes On Part Many

    So the GOP gets a beatdown in elections yesterday. So what does the wise and analytical leader of the free world say? Apparently a symptom of Alzheimer's is that you forget recent things and uncomfortable things from the past and spend all your time reliving your fond memories. Hmmmm...
  8. RNG

    Sleepless nights part deux

    So, this morning I see on the BBC site the following: Bob Corker says Trump 'utterly untruthful president' Bob Corker says Trump 'utterly untruthful president' - BBC News And I say to myself, "Self, (sorry, couldn't resist), Dotard's Twitter feed is going to be fun." And I was right...
  9. handydude

    Stop Reading My Threads!!! Part 3

    You may well wonder what happened to part 2. It was just censorship to help keep White people enslaved. If they didn't like part 2, they sure as hell aren't going to like part 3. Here it is. Should The jews Be Exterminated? The jewish religion teaches "an...
  10. RNG

    Trump being Trump part whatever

    Just check this out. It was referred to in another thread but just watch. Doesn't that just make you proud.
  11. V

    Obama admin knew gang members were part of illegal immigrant surge: Whistleblower

    -- Obama admin knew gang members were part of illegal immigrant surge: Whistleblower -- Is anyone who actually followed Obama surprised at this? Not the Obama robots, but those who actually followed his 8 years of error. Whistleblower: DHS knew MS-13 gang members were part of illegal...
  12. RNG

    Trump being Trump part (insert really big number)

    And then: Ivanka and Melania Trump go without headscarves in Saudi Arabia visit
  13. G

    Hannity just had a big part of his show

    reading and discussing the letters Trump had received, from the Deputy Attorney General and Attorney General, concerning their concerns with FBI Director Comey. More media outlets should be letting the public know about those, the contents etc. CNN is trying to spin this as Trump getting rid...
  14. T

    The Tax Cut Proposal (part 2)

    President Trump’s call for a dramatic overhaul of the tax code sets in motion his most ambitious legislative initiative to date, testing whether he can cut the deal of his life on an issue that has long bedeviled Washington. On Wednesday, Trump issued a one-page outline for changes to the tax...
  15. imaginethat

    Trump's former campaign manager accused of playing part in Ukrainian mass killings

    Accused by his daughters, no less. Trump and Manafort, birds of a feather.... Donald Trump's former campaign manager accused of playing part in Ukrainian mass killings Hacked texts stolen from Paul Manafort's daughters reveal their suspicion of their father's involvement President Trump’s...
  16. Sabcat

    A War on ‘Fake News’ Part of a War on Free Speech

    More on fake news What is that nutbag blathering on about this time?
  17. G

    We just heard a replay of part of Hillary's

    Congressional hearing on Benghazi. The number of "help" calls, over several months, were itemized and added up to ...600. Hillary claimed she never heard of any of them. There were 80 in the last month alone and she agreed she had heard that number. The Under Sect, Kenned, is the one that...
  18. Sabcat

    Leaving the Left - Part 3: Penn Jillette

    Penn talks about his logic behind leaving the big government hive mind.
  19. RNG

    The New Improved Trump Part - Whatever

    A surprising development, Trump is all contrite all of a sudden. His new handlers pushing again? Donald Trump says he regrets comments that 'may have caused personal pain' - World - CBC News
  20. GhostRider

    Baton Rouge cop killer part of white racist inspired "sovereign citizens"

    The Baton Rouge Shooter?s Connection To The Bizarre 'Sovereign Citizens' Movement, Explained | ThinkProgress Sovereign Citizens is a white supremacist anarchist cult of misfits and losers. The Baton Rouge cop killer was in a black spin off of SC who thinks the government "owes them".