1. B

    his is the shame that is the democrat party!

    Wear this proudly Lefties! This is the party of tolerance? Protesting a black white supremacist?:lol::lol: Bat crap crazies! Well done Maxine you should be so proud of the political discord you have created...
  2. tristanrobin

    Let's Talk Intelligence of the GOP Party in Power

    okay. I get it. It's funny. And he was being punked. BUT. WOULD YOU HAVE FALLEN FOR THIS CRAP??? And he is MAKING LAW. Think about it.
  3. J

    The Democrat Party dream ticket has finally emerged: Sanders and Cortez

    See SOCIALIST DREAM TICKET: Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders To Campaign Together “This week, I am traveling to Kansas with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to rally in support of James Thompson’s and Brett Welder’s campaigns for Congress — two great progressive candidates who will prove our message...
  4. tristanrobin

    Trump Is Fighting the Entire Republican Party to Defend Putin

    excellent article - this is what is happening in the U.S. today. Whether Trump is actually an evil fascist looking to team up with Putin for world power, or merely an inept, ignorant, out-of-depth dotard unaware of the consequences of his braggadocio, something needs to be done about it before...
  5. Clicker II

    The future of the Democrat party is shaping up to be a flop

    She's showing herself to be a simple magpie of the leftist crap we hear every day.
  6. RNG

    Dems crush GOP in party registration

    Some bad news for Dems had been coming from a few polls lately, but here is some really good news. Complete story at:
  7. RNG

    Top Democrats see danger on sudden party push to abolish ICE

    Again it appears that the Democrats are playing the game poorly. And the Republicans are capitalizing on it. Many Dems have been calling for the abolition of ICE. If you look at detail, something many people never bother to do, what they are saying is that the current force needs massive...
  8. TNVolunteer73

    Democrat party to candidate Get out you are too brown to win.

    Omar Siddicqui was told by the CA Democrat Party "you are too brown to win so get out of the race."
  9. avlis

    The party is over: Birds do not go to the Europa League

    Despite the win at Jamor against Sporting (2-1), which won the Portuguese Cup, Aves will not be able to play in the Europa League. VIEW MORE The Desportivo das Aves did not register with the Portuguese Football Federation to obtain the necessary license to participate in the UEFA...
  10. J

    How does a party exist when every word of their leaders are lies

    How sick can this country be and how much more sick can the right take it, with the politics of hate. Their hate list is lengthy and their politician has accommodate these haters with endless hate speech and unholy ideas, with the premises that, they charge ignorantly, as being the problems in...
  11. G

    While the Dem party is out saying

    do away with the 2dn Amendment, Hillary said today...she is "afraid the Constitution will not be honored". because of Trump.
  12. U

    We need to purge our own Political party!!

    In my opinion Adam Schiff should put up or shut up.........if he has EVIDENCE of wrong doing of Trump he should SHOW IT.....and if he don't he should be charged with obstruction of justice...... Show the hard evidence and that will FORCE the GOP to look at it.......... by the way I'm a...
  13. Panther

    Deterioration of relationship between Dreamers and Democrat party

    Dreamers to Democrats: We're tired of your lies | Fox News
  14. RNG

    What happened to the Republican party?

    Republicans still love them some evangelicals and hate them some gays and transgenders. And they love them some buying votes with tax cuts. But are there any vestiges of any fiscal conservatism in the party anymore? Deficit control: Nope. Free trade: Nope. Non-intrusive...
  15. U

    will you take a lie from your political party

    rather than the truth from the opposing party............are you that blind??:huh:
  16. Sabcat

    Leaked Memo: DACA Amnesty Is 'Critical Component of Democratic Party's Future Elector

    Leaked Memo: DACA Amnesty Is 'Critical Component of Democratic Party's Future Electoral Success'
  17. U

    The mule repersents the democratic party WHO OWNS THE CARROT:angry:
  18. webguy4

    Democrats are the Party of Racism

    Yes, they are.
  19. S

    Pennsylvania governor vetoes bill to prohibit late-term abortions

    Pennsylvania governor vetoes bill to prohibit late-term abortions ? TheBlaze Currently they allow baby killing up till 6 months Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) vetoed a bill Monday to prohibit abortion procedures after 20 weeks gestation in the state. What happened? The Pennsylvania...
  20. U

    The democratic party in Ala. is in trouble.....

    Roy Moore the most unelectable republican in the state and the dems squeeked by......Richard Shelby helped elect the democrat Doug Jones by writing a republican in..............A few years back Shelby was a democrat, then slid over to the GOP, a turncoat is what he is.... FUNNY, a few days ago...