1. guy39

    Rand Paul gets it again/neocons FTW

    Russia Policy: Rand Paul Against Montenegro Joining NATO | Time
  2. Sabcat

    Dr. Paul schools Cenk

    This one is for you IT. Anyone who has had the privilege of witnessing cenk knows he is a bit dim but that is not the point of the video. Good ol Dr Paul (remember him?)lays it down perfectly.
  3. guy39

    Rand Paul being pragmatic

    Rand Paul makes sense and is pragmatic. Everyone else is just being slime.
  4. L

    Cuomo: Ron Paul's tweet is bigoted b.s.

    Wow, this is low, even for Ron Paul, and don't get me started on Ron Paul. Let's just deal with this particular issue for now. This is truly sick shit. Paul's excuse? "Oh, it was some staffer". Umm, really? You might want to get rid of that staffer...
  5. N

    Youtube: Ron Paul Liberty Report on energetic young woman who beat Joe Crowley

    "Crowley's Shocking Loss! Is Socialism On The March?"
  6. skews13

    Did Paul Manafort Help Plan Attacks On US Marines

    “... as Mueller’s investigation ramps up and focuses on Manafort’s financials, new reports lend additional credence to the possibility that Manafort was at least partly culpable in the targeting of U.S. Marines.” If so Manafort is looking at some really hard time...
  7. skews13

    Paul Manafort Taken Into Custody

    Manafort, 69, did not appear to react to the ruling beyond a nod to his attorney. He was immediately taken into custody and walked into a hallway behind the courtroom. He gave a quick wave to his wife as he disappeared from sight. He will remain in pretrial detention until a trial in...
  8. F

    Defeat Paul Ryan In Utah

    The American people survived Hillary Clinton’s assassination attempt in 2016. Both Clintons are sinking in their own filth so Americans can relax a bit. They are gone, but you can be sure that yet to be born historians will write flowery biographies about Bill and Hillary. Happily, living...
  9. S

    Judge blasts special counsel Robert Mueller's criminal case against Paul Manafort

    Judge blasts special counsel Robert Mueller's criminal case against Paul Manafort
  10. RNG

    Congressional chaplain "asked to resign" by Paul Ryan

    Although no official reason was given, there are two theories. One is that a prayer he offered before the budget deliberations pissed him off. (My emphasis.) The other is: Ryan's staff vigorously denied that. Lawmakers ask why the congressional chaplain 'was asked to resign' - BBC News
  11. RNG

    Furious Koch Brothers Sell Paul Ryan on eBay
  12. Sabcat

    ‘Another False Flag’: Fmr Congressman Ron Paul on Syrian Gas Attack

    'Another False Flag': Fmr Congressman Ron Paul on Syrian Gas Attack
  13. Sabcat

    John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment
  14. G

    As he read the Omnibus Bill, Rand Paul

    tweeted some comments. Oh my, what we do not know about .... How about 15 million to USAID for promoting international education between universities, 12 million for Scholarships for Lebanon, 15 m in Developmental assistance to ...China. Here is a doozy...350,000 spent asking if...
  15. U

    Rand Paul: Trump Cares 'Very Deeply' About Haiti, Financed Medical Mission Trip

    Rand Paul: Trump Cares 'Very Deeply' About Haiti, Financed Medical Mission Trip
  16. Hashtag

    Rand Paul attacker - Bernie/Mueller Supporter
  17. imaginethat

    Man charged with assaulting Paul at senator's home

    Now dammit, Rand Paul is a bright light in a party of dim bulbs. I predict two things. The assailant is not a liberal. The assailant is a Trump supporter. I mean, look. He's got that I'm a Trump supporter look. BG man charged with assaulting Paul at senator's home A Bowling...
  18. G

    Rand Paul, McCain and the others who

    say they will not/may not support the health reform Bill...well...why don't they have a Bill of their own to put forth? All they seem interested in is opposing Trump...McCain and Paul still think, I guess, they should be sitting in his chair. The two women...well, one comes from a liberal...
  19. goober

    Fbi raids Paul Manafort home

    Spokesman for the trump campaign leader said the fbi executed a search warrant on one of manaforts homes on July 27
  20. S

    No insult to him, but why is Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House?

    Pretty much the question, why him? The Speaker of the House before him were old men who have been there forever. Even Boehner is young in my book. I think Tip O'Neal or the people before and after him. I think the job would require and want by the most senior and eldest person of the party...