1. fandango

    PAY Children To Go To School!

    I know what it is like for all you slave loving capitlaist scum out there. You all want something for nothing. You expect children to learn learn learn (often bullshit) for free. (I say sarcastically) That's right. Crack that fukin whip! Then there is their parent's expense. Such as...
  2. RNG

    Trump says Mexico will eventually pay for border wall

    No, this isn't a blast from the past. This is tonight.
  3. skews13

    Pay To Play Gets Security Clearance

    Uncertainty? Ended. Clearly there is no further concern. No concern that Kushner might be called on to answer for negotiating with Qatar for a $500 million loan before Kushner joined Donald Trump on a trip to the Middle East, or getting more than $1 billion after that trip led to a blockade...
  4. RNG

    The Republican President wants the military to pay for the wall

    So first he brags about him, overcoming great Democrat obstruction got lots of money for the military. Now he wants them to spend a big chunk of it to build his stinking wall. He sent out one of his confused tweets two nights ago with something about "M will pay for the wall". Several...
  5. B

    Maybe we should pay more attention to these teen deaths

    Is anyone calling for phones to be abolished? Or the companies making them, are they being vilified? This is not trying to minimize teen deaths by gun but seriously it's a bigger killer, 11 teens...
  6. L

    Ted Cruz has brilliant plan to pay for the border wall.

    I don't know how anyone can argue with this idea without exposing themselves as mindless political hacks who oppose it simply because who proposed it. (CNN)Forget that talk about Mexico footing the bill for President Trump's border wall...
  7. skews13

    Dems Try To Pay Military During #Trumpshutdown Guess Who Said No?

    Trump has been planning and angling for this shutdown since last May, when he tweeted that he wanted a “good shutdown” in a misguided ruse to win more GOP seats. After his latest sabotage of a bipartisan deal, he certainly looks like he got one--and a bigly one at that. The #TrumpShutdown...
  8. guy39

    The F.B.I tried to pay 50k for Trump Dossier

    If there is any doubt about the "resistance" cry baby bureaucracy remember this from the Times. The Steele Dossier was a unverified hack job that the FBI wanted to pay 50k for so they could use it against Trump. The...
  9. skews13

    Remember When The Bush Tax Cuts Pay For Themselves? Neither Do I

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and that’s our target market.” That perversion of Abraham Lincoln’s timeless adage might as well be the slogan of the modern Republican Party, especially when the topic is taxes...
  10. Clara007

    Who Will Pay for the GOP Tax Plan?

    It looks like (but not a certainty) that the GOP tax plan WILL pass. McCain is on board. Corker is coming around. Collins is smiling--just a little. Our broker says that the Claras will benefit and so will LOTS of Baby Boomers, but it's gonna cost someone. So who will pay for the plan? Gen...
  11. RNG

    axpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits

    Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits This has to be torches and pitchforks time again. How does the Republican President get away with this shit? It must be that the rest of the Republicans, who control both houses are just as complicit...
  12. Hashtag

    Pennsylvania Company to Pay Record Fine for Illegally Hiring Immigrants

    Pennsylvania Company to Pay Record Fine for Illegally Hiring Immigrants
  13. PaulHays

    U.S. will pay other countries for utilizing American nuclear waste?

    Today America is the world's unquestionable leader and we can swiftly react to any kind of challenges. But our nation has one big problem that we can't solve right now – we have no place to store our nuclear waste that has a half-life of many million years and which we get from the production of...
  14. roastpork

    Military will pay for Sex changes?

    It appears that we will pay for sex changes for our confused war fighters after all, what a bunch of crap. Does that mean that if a shoulder wants a nose job we should pay for that too, how about breast augmentation. This is getting fricking ridiculous.:angry: Pentagon Will Pay for Sex Change...
  15. skews13

    Why American Workers Pay Twice As Much Taxes As Wealthy Investors

    Let’s say you and I are neighbors. You’re an emergency room doctor, and I don’t work, thanks to a pile of money my grandparents left me. You spend your days and nights stitching up gunshot wounds and helping children survive asthma attacks. I’ve gotten really good at World of Warcraft...
  16. Nwolfe35

    Trump demands that Mexico President stop saying that Mexico will not pay for the wall

    Trump, who is used to being able to push everyone else around, is finding out that is not how things work on the world stage. In a phone call on Jan 27th with Mexican President Enrique Pena, Trump demanded that Pena stop publicly saying the country will not pay for the border wall. "You...
  17. skews13

    Trump Repeals Fair Pay Work Place Safey Rule

    WASHINGTON ― Companies that commit wage theft and put their workers in harm’s way just received a favor from the Trump administration. President Donald Trump signed a bill Monday repealing a regulation that had encouraged federal contractors to follow labor laws. Under the Obama-era rule...
  18. GhostRider

    American taxpayers should NOT pay for Trump's extra security.

    U.S. Secret Service Won't Get $60 Million More To Protect Trump And His Family The American taxpayer should NOT be responsible for paying for the liar trump's EXTRA security for his nearly weekly golfing trips to Florida and his idiot sons and daughters should not get one red cent of American...
  19. excalibur

    ‘Clock boy’ defamation case explodes in court — ordered to pay attorney fees

    ‘Clock boy’ defamation case explodes in court — ordered to pay attorney fees 'Clock boy' defamation case explodes in court ? ordered to pay attorney fees | 
  20. imaginethat

    Should taxpayers pay for Melania's personal choices?

    We've never had a First Family for whom living in the White House was a step down, a BIG step down. It’s OK if Melania Isn’t a Traditional First Lady. But Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay for Her Choices. In the seemingly endless first two weeks of the Trump presidency, Melania Trump made clear...