1. Citizen Kane

    Photos from Obama Detention Facilities

    Once again proving that Democrats are using this for political purposes only. Or are we to believe that today they care about children but didn't care about them for eight years of Obama's reign of error? Had Hilary won they still wouldn't be caring about them...
  2. Sabcat

    Adam Schiff pranked by Russians who offered nude photos of Trump

    I had brought this up in passing a few days ago and am surprised that there isn't a thread already on this subject. If there is i missed it. Adam Schiff pranked by Russians who offered nude photos of Trump Here is the recording. It is awesome
  3. excalibur

    Transgender person arrested after taking photos of others in changing room

    Expect much more of this as the evil Progressives remove what is left of the thin veneer of civilization. Progressives throw their own females and children overboard to push this perverted crap. Transgender person arrested after taking photos of others in changing room | News - Home 
  4. imaginethat

    Trump Supporters Raise Right Hands to Pledge Support. The Photos Are Terrifying.

    Spooky. Trump supporters raise right hands to pledge support to Donald Trump.
  5. dusty

    Stop ISIS.... Warning - shocking photos

    forget the politics. stop the isis isis is total evil I deleted the link I shouldn't have added it the news of it is true but it bothers me that its there
  6. intangible child

    AP PHOTOS: Antarctica's spectacular glaciers melting faster

    From the ground of this extreme northern part of Antarctica, a spectacular white and blinding ice seemingly extends forever. What can't be seen is the battle raging below to reshape Earth. Water is eating away at the Antarctic ice, melting it where it hits the oceans. As the ice sheets slowly...
  7. skews13

    ISIS Post PR Photos They Took With John McCain

    ISIS Post PR Photos They Took With John McCain These days John McCain has been a vocal opponent of ISIS. But it wasn’t long ago that he went to Syria to meet with factions of rebels fighting the Syrian government who now have turned out to be ISIS members. While there are many factions...
  8. T

    Prize Winner Space Photos

    My pick is the one of the sun.... Your picks??? 2014 Astrofest photo winners |
  9. imaginethat

    Ukraine: Photos show undercover Russian troops

    Yeah, take a look here: Ukraine: Photos show undercover Russian troops But here's a clue that no one makes perfectly and loudly clear. You wanna know who the Russians are? Look at their rifles. The real "local self defense" forces have older AK-47s with wood stocks. The Russians have...
  10. skews13

    Anti Abortion Fanatic Hands Out Fetus Photos With Candy On Halloween

    Anti-choice fanatic hands out propaganda to kids on Halloween One of the scariest things kids can come across on Halloween is a stranger who tries to indoctrinate them while giving them candy. That’s what happened in a New Mexico community on Friday night and parents are understandably...
  11. poet

    Striking Photos Will Change The Way You See The Average American

    Striking Photos Will Change The Way You See The Average American What does the average American look like? As time goes on, the answer to that question is becoming more and more complicated. The country is living up to its melting pot reputation as American faces become less...
  12. intangible child

    John Kerry Caught Using Fake Photos, from Wrong War to Fuel Syrian War

    All the stuff you don't want to know about, but should. And, when you do know, you realize that for the present you are powerless to change it. By their intrinsic nature ALL forms of government are monopolistic and predatory. Don't for a minute believe you can enter into a "partnership" with...
  13. RNG

    Photos of our Sun

    Stimulated by the thread that drifted into a discussion of sun spots, here are some beautiful pictures of the sun. Well worth the time to look. BBC News - In pictures: Raw power of the Sun
  14. intangible child

    Pollution at National Parks: Then and Now (PHOTOS)

    A team of researchers has found that air pollution has reduced dramatically in U.S. National Parks over the last 20 years. Government-sponsored bills, like the Clean Air Act and the Acid Rain Program, have had a major impact. Pollution at National Parks: Then and Now (PHOTOS) | Weather Underground
  15. garysher

    Homosexuals Want Christians To Remove Family Photos

    This is how the homo-fascist bigots want to limit your freedoms: The proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)—co-sponsored in the Senate by two Republicans and two Democrats—would force most employers to ensure a workplace free of “discrimination” against homosexuals, bisexuals, and...
  16. NPR

    Photos: Reagan Through The Years

    Ronald Reagan would have turned 100 on Sunday. Here, a look back at his life as an actor and a president. » E-Mail This     » Add to Source Click here to view the full article
  17. imaginethat

    Haunting Images Of Detroit's Decline (Photos)

    I've wondered how artifacts are left behind by ancient civilizations. Here's an ongoing example, very, very hard to believe photos: Haunting Images Of Detroit's Decline (PHOTOS)
  18. S

    Posting Photos Of Baseball Stadiums

    For those who may not get to major-minor league stadiums to see baseball games, thought you would enjoy some photos of various baseball parks. This is the original HOK designed neighborhood ballpark known as Pilot Field, now Coca-Cola in Buffalo, N.Y. It was built when the city was in the final...
  19. intangible child

    Photos: Walls around the world (BBC)

    BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Walls around the world YouTube - Scorpions - Wind Of Change