1. Checkerboard Strangler

    President Trump releases plan proposing Postal Privatization

    Get ready for the $8.50 first class letter, and scaled back delivery, and the end of rural mail delivery altogether. Donald Trump intends to push total privatization of literally EVERYTHING, even things which the founding fathers deemed essential. By the way, what now happens to the...
  2. skews13

    GOP Plan To Hold Rod Rosenstein In Contempt Goes South

    Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte is not having the best day. His extra-harsh immigration bill has been the center of confusion and dissent on the House floor. And now it appears he may have screwed Republican plans to spice up their Friday by charging Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein...
  3. skews13

    Did Paul Manafort Help Plan Attacks On US Marines

    “... as Mueller’s investigation ramps up and focuses on Manafort’s financials, new reports lend additional credence to the possibility that Manafort was at least partly culpable in the targeting of U.S. Marines.” If so Manafort is looking at some really hard time...
  4. H

    Proof that democrats love Trumps tax plan

    They are KEEPING their bonuses and raises........................... And a portion of these people who are grateful to Trump for his help in their lives WILL be voting for him in 2020 And Nancy Pelosi will still wear her $5,000.00 shoes he he he
  5. L

    Ted Cruz has brilliant plan to pay for the border wall.

    I don't know how anyone can argue with this idea without exposing themselves as mindless political hacks who oppose it simply because who proposed it. (CNN)Forget that talk about Mexico footing the bill for President Trump's border wall...
  6. L

    FedEx announces Trump Tax Plan bonuses, raises, & increased pension funding.

    More crumbs..... FedEx announces wage increases, bonuses amid tax reform | TheHill
  7. J

    President Trump’s tax plan keeps the socialist communist progressive income tax alive

    . Well, now that the Republican tax reform is finalized on paper, we see that it not only keeps the socialist, communist, progressive income tax alive, but President Trump has already given thumbs up to this Washington Sewer Rat’s method of taxation which does nothing to remove the iron fist...
  8. Clara007

    Who Will Pay for the GOP Tax Plan?

    It looks like (but not a certainty) that the GOP tax plan WILL pass. McCain is on board. Corker is coming around. Collins is smiling--just a little. Our broker says that the Claras will benefit and so will LOTS of Baby Boomers, but it's gonna cost someone. So who will pay for the plan? Gen...
  9. RNG

    China has a plan to rule the world I have been posting bits of this for some time...
  10. G

    A tidbit from the tax plan we applaud;

    illegals who pay taxes here can not claim the deductions. Illegals are not citizens and should not have ...all...the same rights as citizens.
  11. Sabcat

    Trudeau sparks outrage with plan to ‘reintegrate’ ISIS terrorists into Canada
  12. imaginethat

    Did You Catch the Huge Loophole in the GOP Tax Plan? The Rich Sure Did.

    Smoke and mirrors, and the sad thing? The people getting the least benefit will go to bat for the wealthy ones receiving the most benefit. Did You Catch the Huge Loophole in the GOP Tax Plan? The Rich Sure Did. In September, shortly after the GOP released the initial framework for its...
  13. Clara007

    Dotard's New Tax Plan

    Republicans Outline Biggest Tax Code Overhaul In A Generation!! President Trump and GOP congressional leaders have outlined their plan for the most sweeping overhaul of the federal tax code in more than three decades. They're proposing deep cuts in both individual and corporate tax rates...
  14. M

    The president's plan is ?!

    In my heartfelt world and America, I think the President knows plans. The President's plans are a military operation in a country full of terrorism namely in the African continent mentioned is Somalia where former president in America's history had failed operation with most more opponents...
  15. T

    The Secret Plan to Stop Russian President Vladimir Putin's U.S. Election Plot

    Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin was at his desk on June 7, 2016, when the calls started coming in. It was the day of the California presidential primary, and upset voters wanted the county's top prosecutor to know that they had been prevented from casting their ballots. "There...
  16. RNG

    Trump reportedly ending CIA plan to arm Syrian rebels

    So, should this be related to Trump just doing everything that Putin wants? Or how about how he is so winning against ISIS? Or that he hates dictators? Where? Trump reportedly ending CIA plan to arm Syrian rebels - World - CBC News
  17. skews13

    More Americans Wanted Hillary, Now They Want Hillary's Healthcare Plan

    It’s impossible to fully understand policy wank Donald Trump’s stance on health care by viewing it through a rational prism. To really get it, you have to look to nature, red in tooth and claw. Trump doesn’t like Obamacare because it has the word “Obama” in it. Full stop. And it never...
  18. Clara007

    GOP Healthcare Plan Dead??

    Well....they're BAAACK! And their constituents aren't happy which is about to show up in session. The initial GOP bill to repeal and replace the nation's health law is probably "dead" and President Donald Trump's proposal to just repeal it appears to be a "non-starter," two moderate...
  19. foundit66

    Kaiser Health Tracking Poll - June 2017: ACA, Replacement Plan, and Medicaid

    Kaiser Health Tracking Poll ? June 2017: ACA, Replacement Plan, and Medicaid | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Congratz Trump! You made Obamacare popular and majority supported. "Best plan ever" < / sarcasm >
  20. J

    Senate Republicans release their socialist/communist health-care plan

    SEE: What’s in the Senate Republican health-care bill Well, our Republican Party Leadership has been lying all the time. They never intended to repeal Obamacare. In fact, our Republican Party Leadership not only proposes to keep Obamcare alive, but it will continue to use the force of...