1. fdtwain

    The democratic poison or what is democracy

    Democracy – it is when two wolves and a lamb are voting on what will be for breakfast Benjamin Franklin Democracy is deadly for the United States of America. Now everyone understands it: those who admit it openly, and those, who keep silence about it, and even those who protect American...
  2. skews13

    How Do You Poison A Cyanide Factory?

  3. webguy4

    chinese poison dog treats

    finally starting to get pulled from some stores. i see no reason we should not declare war on the commie chinese over this.
  4. intangible child

    Fluoride: Deadly Poison? History & Dangers of Fluoride

    FLUORIDE: Introduction: "....The report offers a glimpse into the history of fluoride, a bio-accumulative toxic that Americans ingest every day. The authors, Griffiths and Bryson, spent more than a year on research. With the belief that the information should be withheld no longer, the...
  5. webguy4

    chinese poison in dog treats

    blank #### blank### #####blank ###### more blanks, never been so pissed. those blankety blank ## blank chinese blanks are still putting poison in the dog food and treats. I want those blanks blank. they should be locked up and fed nothing but the poison crap they are sending here to feed our...
  6. intangible child

    This 700-Year-Old Ring Was Used to Poison Kings

    Should you have happened to find yourself dining with Bulgarian royalty 700 years ago and the wine tasted a bit off, you would have been smart to put the goblet down. Bulgarian archaeologists have just discovered a medieval bronze ring explicitly designed to poison political foes — in the most...
  7. intangible child

    Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us, Also admit secret tests

    Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times! - YouTube DON'T JUST WATCH THIS, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Most Americans HAVE NO CLUE that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT CORPORATION! DON'T BELIEVE ME, LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF AND DO...
  8. F

    The true Humanity of The Chosen Poison.

    Israeli Soldiers Have 'Fun’ Making 'Rachel Corrie Pancakes’ Ali Abunimah Israeli soldiers had a “fun” time making what they called “Rachel Corrie pancakes.” Photos of the event were posted on the Facebook page of the “Heritage House,” a settlement in occupied East Jerusalem ... Above the...
  9. rumpelstiltskin

    How a nerve poison became "food"

    It's in literally thousands of package food products including but not limited to diet soft drinks, candy, and chewing gum. ... How a nerve poison became "food" Lessons to be learned If you can't watch the whole video, here are the major...
  10. intangible child

    More Poison for Less Carbon?

    As Senators enter the final rounds of negotiations on the climate and energy bill, big utility companies apparently are making unconscionable demands that threaten the health and safety of all Americans. For example, The Hill reports: "Power company officials are now asking for relief from...
  11. intangible child

    Engineered Poison Lurking in Your Everyday Food?

    The FDA and EPA don't want you to know the details behind this poisonous perversion of your food supply. Why? Because it's engineered into many foods you and your family eat from baby formula to fruits and vegetables. Here's what to avoid…! In this interview, Jeffrey Smith, author of the...
  12. intangible child

    Vaccines are poison

    Be warned!! This material is NOT for the faint of heart. This IN-DEPTH expose will chill you to the bone. We're not joking. We are are under a full out attack by our own government and medical profession. vaccines are poison Bill Gates promises $10 billion for vaccines | Reuters
  13. alias

    Iran's Poison Pen

    Iran's poison pen TODAY'S EDITORIAL December 5, 2006 Last week's letter to the American people from Iran's apocalyptic President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a strange mix of leftist rhetoric and Islamist exhortation. The journalist Kenneth Timmerman points out a fascinating and frightening...
  14. intangible child

    Rising CO2 will give rise to poison ivy, noxious vines

    New York, May 31 (PTI): Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could give birth to thick forests, but with more toxic forms of poisonous ivy and other noxious vines, researchers say. Higher carbon dioxide levels expected in the next 50 years could breed ivies that grow twice as...