1. houseknight


    The tragic and unnecessary death of young Ethiopian 19 years old man, a new immigrant, Solomon Taka, has become a pretext for the “Ethiopian intifada”. But the pretext is not the root. There is every reason to believe that this match lit a fire, the combustible material of which has long been...
  2. Vishal Chalak


    Revelations about how the case was handled by the Victoria Police come amid growing pressure on the State Government to back reforms of the state’s police complaints system. Reform of the complaints system is supported by a joint parliamentary committee. Phil Dickson was assaulted by a police...
  3. L

    Smith College Employee Called Police On Black Student Eating Lunch

    Busted for going to school while black: https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2018/08/03/smith-college-hiring-outside-investigator-after-police-called-on-black-student-eating-lunch She deserves to know who did this. The employee's name should be released.
  4. foundit66

    Does legal weed make police more effective?

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/07/18/does-legal-weed-make-police-more-effective/?utm_term=.964a4d48278f So the police stop harassing people with marijuana and they have more time to pursue REAL CRIME. Amazing how that works! B)
  5. RNG

    Black US politician reported to police while canvassing

    This is some combination of really funny and very, very sad. An Oregon House of Representatives member was out knocking on doors to ask for votes for re-election and tweeting between houses and some lady called the cops reporting "suspicious activity". A cop showed up and they got a good...
  6. B

    Support For police = hatred for Blacks?

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/04/09/gay-bar-apologizes-for-flying-pro-police-flag-says-it-didnt-know-meaning-and-wont-fly-it-again So now supporting homosexual men, and women in uniform can no longer be tolerated, you will conform. Crazy world!!!!!
  7. Sabcat

    police order medical marijuana users to ‘voluntarily surrender’ guns and ammo

    Hawaii police order medical marijuana users to ?voluntarily surrender? guns and ammo ? TheBlaze
  8. Sabcat

    Minneapolis police remove Justine Damond memorial

    https://www.twincities.com/2017/12/25/minneapolis-police-remove-justine-damond-memorial-left-by-hate-group/ Minneapolis, the city of double standards.
  9. H

    HELP our rights were violated by a state police officer

    First, I'm new to this forum. My wife and I had our rights violated and we are looking for help. If this isn't allowed please delete it. In a nutshell we were arrested and charges were placed against us by an officer when we had done nothing wrong and now we need to try and fight the charges. We...
  10. Quigley

    Chicago Requesting U.N. Troops, Instead of Supporting Police

    Chicago Requesting U.N. Troops on AMERICAN SOIL, instead of Supporting Police – News Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is meeting with a top United Nations official to seek international help...
  11. Sabcat

    Must see - murder by cop

    Holy shit!!! Someone just sent this to me. I do not know how long this will remain up. This is the body cam video of the police executing a young man. The cops just were just let go. https://youtu.be/VBUUx0jUKxc
  12. Sabcat

    Medical marijuana users ‘have 30 days’ to turn in their guns, police say

    Medical marijuana users told to turn in their guns by Honolulu, Hawaii police | Miami Herald Surprise, surprise
  13. imaginethat

    Bodycam footage shows Utah police shoot man as he runs away

    Tsk, tsk, more disrespect for the flag, with video, shoot that black MF in the back.... Bodycam footage shows Utah police shoot man as he runs away The Salt Lake City Police Department is the latest US police department to come under scrutiny after bodycam footage shows an officer shooting...
  14. webguy4

    Bad Police

  15. Camelot

    Police Playing Robocop On Nurses Now

    Welcome to Chump's America folks. The police have become so emboldened that they arrest anyone that do not bow to them. We are increasingly living in a police state thanks to the jackass in the White House.
  16. Sabcat

    The thought police are real

    An examination of the thought police in england. Is this where the leftists want their authoritarian society to go? I think, yes! Take the 10 min. Not only are the thought police real, but they are filming it and broadcasting it. Sound familiar? https://youtu.be/uz2C76ivqLA
  17. Sabcat

    Minneapolis police chief resigns after another episode of killer cops

    . http://www.startribune.com/minneapolis-police-chief-janee-harteau-resigns/435864713/
  18. imaginethat

    Jeff Sessions wants police to steal more cash from American citizens

    Sessions ... I thought no one would ever top John "No Boobies" Ashcroft. I was wrong. Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday said he'd be issuing a new directive this week aimed at increasing police seizures of cash and...
  19. Sabcat

    Woman was fatally shot through door of Minneapolis police car

    Woman was fatally shot through door of Minneapolis police car, sources say | Star Tribune
  20. guy39

    Police arrest girl. Girl screams rape

    Girl is passed out in running vehicle and is intoxicated. She accuses police of raping her after they investigated why they were passed out in their car. Problem is the cop was very professional and never raped anyone. Just watch this video. It will make you laugh. I wish the girl could be...