1. Q

    Obama: Global Elites can Defeat Terrorists and Racist Police

    Obama: Global Elites can Defeat Terrorists and Racist Police | EndingFed News Network Obama's goal has ALWAYS been to DESTROY AMERICA AT ANY COST. And we voted this bag of puke in, OMG, what a mistake for all of us.
  2. R

    BLM animals support Baton Rouge police shooting

    One picture says it all. Dozens of Black Lives Matter and anti-police supporters, including an editor for ThinkProgress have taken to Twitter after the murder of three Baton Rouge police officers earlier today. Zack Foster, an editor for ThinkProgress, said it was “no surprise” that...
  3. Sabcat

    Amateur Video Shows Baton Rouge Police Exchange Fire with Shooter

    BREAKING: Amateur Video Shows Baton Rouge Police Exchange Fire with Shooter the stream was cut off but will be reposted when another one is released. there is still the one from twitter in the link but doesn't have much.
  4. skews13

    Multiple Police Officers Shot In Baton Rouge

  5. skews13

    Philando Castille's Driving Record Speaks Volumes About Local Police

    Interesting comments section of this article.
  6. skews13

    Store Owner Where Alton Sterling Was Killed Suing Baton Rouge Police

    The plot is definitely thickening when it comes to the horrific death of an African-American man at the hands of two white police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Abdullah Muflahi owns the Triple S Food Mart, where the events of that fateful night took place. Now, he has filed a lawsuit...
  7. tallagator

    5 more shoot at DC police.

    1 man to be charged with shooting at DC officers; 4 released - KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: newswest9.com | Has this Country gone shoot at cops crazy?
  8. webguy4

    Global Police Force

    Lynch announced Wednesday that the Obama admin will work with the UN to put American cities under the heel of a global police force that will enforce laws passed by the UN. No, I ain't gonna stand for that.
  9. Clara007

    Dallas Police Showered with Kindness

    If Dallas can do it.....DTT can do it. Stop the nastiness. Stop the blame game. Try some kindness. Think before you post. To say that Black lives matter is not to say that other lives do not; indeed, it is quite the reverse—it is to recognize that all lives do matter, and to acknowledge...
  10. excalibur

    Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ‘Radical Hate Group’

    As many others can plainly see. Because if they were not they would be in Chicago non-stop protesting the murders there of innocent blacks by other blacks. Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ?Radical Hate Group? » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! 
  11. excalibur

    Obama Still Pushing to Federalize Police

    One of Øbama's wet dreams. The dream of tyrants. Obama Pushes More Federal Oversight of Cops After Dallas Attack on Cops - Breitbart 
  12. excalibur

    Why Does Obama Keep Lying About the Police?

    Again throwing gasoline on the fire. He started before he was elected, the 'bitter clingers' remark is an example. And his constant lie that white police are gunning for blacks. From the interview Rush Limbaugh had with Heather MacDonald earlier today. Heather Mac Donald Talks About Her...
  13. excalibur

    Five Police Dead in Dallas

    4 Police Officers Dead After Shooting in Downtown Dallas | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth 
  14. imaginethat

    Again, a black man is killed by police....

    Watch the linked video. Again, a black man is killed by police; again, again, again | Dallas Morning News Video: Baton Rouge police officer-involved shooting
  15. K

    muslim kills french police chief and wife in front of 3 y/o son

    Muslim terrorist kills French cop, wife while livestreaming on Facebook | Fox News A Muslim radical who was being investigated for terror ties stabbed a French police chief to death outside his home, then tortured the man's wife in front of their toddler son -- all while livestreaming his...
  16. imaginethat

    UPDATE: Police: 50 feared dead after Florida nightclub terror attack

    Let's hope that the shooter didn't picture himself as the Hand of God smiting the Sodomites. Pulse gay club: Suspect in mass shooting dead, police say - CNN.com
  17. P

    Police chief ordered cops to stand down, part of La Raza

    How bout that! May I remind sall of you race baiters that Trump wants ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS STOPPED, not just Mexicans, and not because they are Mexican. BREAKING! Police Chief in San Jose Who ?STOOD DOWN? During Riots is Part of ?La Raza? ? TruthFeed
  18. skews13

    Scalia's Own Past Ruling Sinks Bathroom Police

    “Male-on-male sexual harassment was assuredly not the principal evil Congress was concerned with when it enacted the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But statutory prohibitions often go beyond the principal evil to cover reasonably comparable evils, and the words of the law can be easily read to forbid...
  19. Boo

    Protests rage outside Trump rally in Orange County; 17 arrested, police car smashed

    undreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate. Traffic came to a halt as a...