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    History of Portugal

    https://youtu.be/V2IPHqCVs1U Grande Portugal - Greater Portugal https://youtu.be/oux4FO-PawI The Battle of Ourique, 1139 https://youtu.be/70YiOXiGw6g How Portugal became the first nation-state in Europe https://youtu.be/LvniHH9NVYw Portugal - Birth of A Nation...
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    A history of Portugal

    About Portugal everybody knows that Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, but the first capital was Guimarães a city that is in the North and where Portugal Portucalense was born between 1095 and 1139 the official capital of Portugal is the city of Coimbra that is in the center of Portugal...
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    Today Cup of Portugal

    Portuguese Cup ( Taça de Portugal Final Today 17.15 h portuguese http://liveonsat.com/los_foot_e_portugal_ALL.php
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    A tribute to Portugal: A country that changed the world

    A tribute to Portugal: A country that changed the world https://youtu.be/u6VOHjrYxt8
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    Portugal Cup

    Yesterday they played the second half of the Sporting x Porto final in the first game the Porti had the advantage of 1 to 0 yesterday lost the game Sporting 1 x the Porto the game was to the penalties the Port lost 5 to 4 https://youtu.be/ArujZ9_GeIk Sporting 1-0 FC Porto (5-4 após GP)...
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    Last King of Portugal

    Last King of Portugal Last King of Portugal Manuel II Son of D.Carlos I first who was murdered on 1 February 1908 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manuel_II_of_Portugal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_I_of_Portugal has two links here about the last Kings of Portugal D.Manuel II who...
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    Did you know that Portugal is a name of a fruit in many languages.

    And what does the word portugal mean in other languages? Well, as we all already know in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and German (among others) "it is said" Portugal, in Italian "it is said" Portugallo, in polski in Vietnam "it is said" Cộng hòa Bồ Đào Nha. In these languages...
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    Entry of Portugal into the First World War

    I WORLD WAR The 72 German ships that led to the entrance of Portugal in the Great War The apprehension of the German ships that were in the Portuguese ports with their loads led to the war with this country. An English loan was received, and the Intendance of the goods of the enemies was...
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    Cuba Portugal

    Musica is Arabic is not Spanish Vila de Cuba territory belongs to the city of Beja - Alentejo. There are three Cuba in the World. in the video sees a Roman bridge, sees Arab militants transformed into Catholic churches. https://youtu.be/x1meJ8W_-fc Cuba number one is this one...
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    Portugal colonial war 1961-1974.

    PORTUGAL COLONIAL WAR 1961-1974. Moçambique https://youtu.be/K0w4csP4rdA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Military report reveals that Portuguese troops participated in beheadings A captain's report proves that the Portuguese Army participated in Angola in a...
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    PORTUGAL x SPAIN Armed Forces

    PORTUGAL x SPAIN - Armed Forces of Portugal (FArm), Portuguese Air Force, Portuguese Navy _______________________________ PORTUGAL x ESPANHA - Forças Armadas de Portugal (FArm), Força Aérea Portuguesa, Marinha Portuguesa https://youtu.be/q4imME3hhec
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    Islamic state says Portugal in new threat

    World Islamic state says Portugal in new threat The self-proclaimed Islamic State threatens Spain and refers to Portugal in a video that recalls the desire to reconquer the Iberian Peninsula. "You will pay dearly" for expelling the Muslims. A video broadcast by the self-proclaimed...
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    Portugal is still a fascist country

    We are poor, we are now. Portugal had 900 tons of gold, foreign currency beacons, competitive industry, we had a growth of 5% a year, everyone had work, etc. Pobres a atrazados somos agora. Portugal tinha 900 toneladas de ouro, belioes em moeda estrangeira, industria competitiva, tinhamos um...
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    Portugal and Spain

    Does anyone know, if democratic Europe and the United States of America. Already they felt threatened with Portugal and Spain when the two countries were facist Dictator of Portugal António Oliveira Salazar was civilian Dictator of Spain Francisco Franco was a military man what is your...
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    Pertual » Portugal

    Portugal portuguese language, second language mirandes population 20 thousand to 30 thousand speakers, here is a story in the language mirandes, I do not know how to speak mirandes, but I know how to read and very little understand. Did not know that portugal in mirandes is said to be Pertual...
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    History of Portugal - Ormuz

    Portugal small country with a very big history. »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Ormuz was an ancient island town and strait of the same name, at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. It currently belongs to Iran, in the province of Hormozgan. Through it the exotic genres transported...
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    Trump. What does the US president know about Portugal?

    Trump. What does the US president know about Portugal? ........................................... The Lajes base in the Azores is the main subject on the table between Portugal and the United States. Next More views EMPLOYMENT 14 unusual jobs with good salaries GADGET And after the Spinner...
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    Knew that the minute of silence was invented in portugal in honor of a Brazilian

    Knew that the minute of silence was invented in portugal in honor of a Brazilian. ______________________________________ https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minuto_de_silêncio _____________________________________________ Minute of silence is the expression for a period of contemplation...
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    Portugal is the world leader in wine consumption per capita

    Portuguese drink the most: 5 liters per capita per year. I do not believe in this news that today came in the Portuguese newspaper, speaking. On me they did badly the bills on me, I at lunch I drink 1 liter of wine in the middle of the afternoon with the snack I drink two glasses of wine at...
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    Portugal to close borders during Pope's visit

    Border check reset between 10 and 14 May. The country has to inform the European Union ten days before the border closes. ............... Portugal had already temporarily closed the borders during the NATO summit held in Lisbon in 2010 and during the Euro 2004. It is a measure "that takes...