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    Aves won the Portuguese Cup

    Aves won the Portuguese Cup Aves 2 x Sporting 1 Viva Futebo Desportivo Aves
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    Portuguese football

    Portuguese football F.C.Porto Campeão de Portugal F.C.Porto Champion of Portugal Benfica second place Sporting third place Paços de Ferreira e Estoril descem á segunda liga Paços de Ferreira and Estoril descend to second league...
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    Policy. Portuguese

    https://youtu.be/4Dfh6Kd5CQM Dozens of people shout '' resignation '' in the galleries of the Assembly of the Republic - 11/07/13 Dezenas de pessoas gritam ''demissão'' nas galerias da Assembleia da República - 11/07/13 People say Resignation. Fascism never again pessoas dize...
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    Futebol Português - Portuguese Football

    F.C.Porto v Sporting Lisbon tomorrow portuguese time 20.30 *** LJs LiveOnSat Football / Soccer Schedules on TV
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    Football first Portuguese league

    League table of the first Portuguese soccer football futebol. https://www.google.pt/search?client=opera&q=clasificação+do+campeonato+portugues+futebol&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#sie=lg;/g/11c75rplch;2;/m/03n_lr;st;fp;1
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    Portuguese Football Tomorrow

    Portuguese Cup Portuguese Cup first leg FC: Porto v Sporting Lisbon tomorrow 20.15 hour Portuguese Here is the link to tell the Satellites that gives the game *** LJs LiveOnSat Football / Soccer Schedules on TV ............................... Portuguese Cup Taça de Portugal...
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    Portuguese football

    Today 24-1-2018 19.45 Portuguese time Sporting Lisbon v F.C.Porto * Sport Tv1 Channel Close R.T.P.Inter Canal Open v *** LJs LiveOnSat Football / Soccer Schedules on TV Viva ao Portooooooooooooo caragooooooooooooooooooo
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    Portuguese in Hawaii

    Portuguese in Hawaii https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malasada Ukulele: an instrument taken to Hawaii by Portuguese ( Ukulele Cavaquinho ) https://youtu.be/0hmdcSKzoHs When SS Ravenscrag arrived in Honolulu on the afternoon of August 23, 1879, he had 419 Portuguese immigrants on board...
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    Did you know that two-thirds of the world was discovered by the Portuguese?

    Did you know that two-thirds of the world was discovered by the Portuguese? Probably does not know. But it's true. They were the first to arrive. Investigated. Have tried. They broke. Leaving testimony of his presence. They brought new ones from places that they thought were unreachable. In...
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    Australia discovered by the Portuguese in 1522

    Australia discovered by the Portuguese in 1522 Navigator Cristovão de Mendonça Video: The discovery of Australia by James Cook long ago cast doubt on historians. The Australian historian, Peter Trickett, now contradicts what has been taught in the last 237 years: After all Australia was...
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    The "forbidden" children of the colonial war

    The colonial war was one of the darkest periods in the history of Portugal that claimed the lives of thousands of young people forced to embark for Africa to defend the empire, the pride of the fascist regime. Many of them left their children there, some of whom still seek recognition and...
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    Did you know that Madrid came to be occupied by the Portuguese?

    Did you know that Madrid came to be occupied by the Portuguese? The Spanish capital came to be in the hands of Portuguese troops, coordinated by António Luís de Sousa, Marquis of Minas. This episode occurred during the War of the Succession of Spain, between 1701 and 1714 A warlike...
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    Portuguese Discoveries in English

    All in English Descobrimentos Portugueses Portuguese Discoveries https://youtu.be/eKHuMQjfs1k Christopher Columbus was Portuguese.wmv Colombo era português https://youtu.be/XR_jRCcdxK8 Portuguese Discovered Australia and New Zealand https://youtu.be/TuSRW9B0fOs...
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    Portuguese arrived in America 19 years before Columbus

    A museum in Toronto wants to recognize the Portuguese presence and prove that the navigator João Vaz Corte-Real was in Canada in 1473. "History is very complex because there are always several versions of events," stressed the president of the Royal Canadian Portuguese Historical Museum. The...
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    The day that the Portuguese army

    he day that the Portuguese army conquered Madrid. Yes, the title is not misleading. There was the day when the Portuguese army conquered Madrid, commanded by the Marquis of the Mines. On June 28, 1706, in an army of 14700 Portuguese and 4,200 Anglo-Dutch, under the command of Marquis of the...
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    Portuguese Colonial War

    Video in french https://youtu.be/FOpqcUBzBXc
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    Aristides de Sousa Mendes - A Portuguese Hero

    Aristides de Sousa Mendes - A Portuguese Hero Aristides de Sousa Mendes - Um herói Português ............................................................................. This route pays homage to a unique figure in Portuguese history and, above all, to a generous heart that saved 30,000...
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    Portuguese mother and daughter attacked and insulted in London

    Two Portuguese citizens were assaulted and insulted at the time they were traveling to a health center in Layton, London. The two Portuguese are mother and daughter and will have been approached by a group of young people at a time when they would be speaking Portuguese among themselves...
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    Battle of La Lys Portuguese troops.

    The dawn of April 9, 1918 awoke violently in Flanders, where Portuguese troops were crushed by a much superior German force. The battle of La Lys was marked by the loss of thousands of men among the dead, wounded and prisoners. The Germans called it Operation Georgete and the aim was to break...