1. RNG

    For all our meh, Russia posters

    And I think today Dot Don is saying it isn't happening again. Or was that yesterday?
  2. Clara007

    Attention posters! Fix DTT!

    I'm asking everyone to click on CONTACT US and start spamming Chip, owner of DTT. Imaginethat has had to deal with NO administrative SUPPORT--by himself--and now the hacking--every day--all week. So come on! We have our differences but we want DTT to be a better site WITHOUT all the SPAM...
  3. Panther

    For posters in the Pacific Coast and the NW to ponder: The Big One

    The Earthquake That Will Devastate the Pacific Northwest - The New Yorker A long read, but well worth it, me thinks.
  4. Joe Bob

    Hi fellow Members

    New here, hope to be a good member and contribute a little, there is no secret to my slant and it isn't for foreign nationals who know how to use our system. A little enjoyment for everyone.. roll with it :lol: I love Mexican Music Sendvid - Instant video upload
  5. excalibur

    Limbaugh Wins - Several Posters Heads Have Likely Exploded

    One can only ponder what this means to Mr. Crayola™, after all Limbaugh lives rent free in his head. Limbaugh Wins Author of the Year Wonder what intolerance the Children's Book Council will have heaped on them from the always intolerant left. 