1. J

    David Horowitz prefers name calling over debate on dangers of Article V Convention

    . SEE: David Horowitz: Why Conservatives Need to Amend the Constitution Now Mr. Horowitz begins his article by writing: ”What do the John Birch Society, Eagle Forum, Common Cause and Planned Parenthood have in common? They all oppose the states’ use of Article V of our Constitution to...
  2. L

    Do you prefer women or men?

    50 Days to vote. Selfy I liked men. Women don't existing. I am not homofobies.
  3. Zack

    French Prez prefers Bush over Obama

    The basis of the conclusion originates in an article from the Financial Times. Read the entire article here Even the French President Prefers Bush to Obama Conclusion: Team Obama is seen internationally as being WEAK!
  4. T

    God Prefers Atheists