1. P

    Silence commanded. People in Sweden are incensed by London's pressure on scientists

    On 4 March, 2018, Russian former military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury. British experts quickly identified the military-grade nerve agent of A-234 type known as Novichok. Recalling that this group of agents was developed...
  2. H

    A year before presidential elections... pressure on opposition grows in Ukraine

    Over four years have passed since the shift of ruling elites took place in Ukraine. But despite the efforts to carry out vital reforms in the country, to liberalize Ukrainian economy and integrate into the EU market, new Ukrainian authorities face great problems in gaining the trust of own...
  3. imaginethat

    Obituary: The Maximum Pressure Policy

    Welp, things look differently depending on the POV....
  4. G

    If you want to raise your blood pressure

    turn of the Senate, with c_span today. The tax Bill is the topic and for most of the day...and it started yesterday...the Dems "amendments" are to have the tax Bill sent back to the finance comm. Each one uses a different part of the Bill to have re-considered. Each one of these has been...
  5. Sabcat

    Wasserman Schultz under pressure to testify on ex-IT aide; complaint filed

  6. imaginethat

    Pence applies pressure to conservatives considering bucking Trump on health care

    Isn't this peachy? The Ds rammed a bill through Congress, and now the Rs are going to make the same mistake. Pence applies subtle pressure to conservatives considering bucking Trump on health care
  7. roastpork

    Dem's apply pressure.

    He can't negotiate a good deal with Iran but Ecuador caves in.-_- Wikileaks: John Kerry Pressured Ecuador into Taking Julian Assange's Internet Away - Breitbart
  8. N

    U.S. Senators urge Secretary Kerry to put pressure on Turkey

    Letter of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee members to the U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry.
  9. LongWinded

    'The Challenge of Journalism… Is to Survive in the Pressure Cooker of Plutocracy'

    'The Challenge of Journalism? Is to Survive in the Pressure Cooker of Plutocracy' | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community The press is mentioned in the constitution as being an entity free from attacks by the government. Obama squashes "whistle blowers" on...
  10. LongWinded

    Senate Democrats Put DHS Funding Pressure Back On John Boehner

    Senate Democrats Put DHS Funding Pressure Back On John Boehner lol Poor republicans. They know nothing of how to be a Congressman. All they know is how to be a good corporate employee. Don't need no corporate employees to be President. These republicans look like the incompetent mess...
  11. webguy4

    pressure to abort

    64% of women who had an abortion report being pressured by someone else into having an abortion. national study in the US. google: 64% pressured.
  12. A

    Twitter pressure helps suspend teacher who tweeted ‘crackers’ should ‘Kill yourselves

    Try this on for size: Vinita Hegwood, an English teacher at the Duncanville Independent School District in Texas, on Friday tweeted to those who disagreed with her opinions on the Michael Brown controversy in Ferguson, Mo., to “kill themselves.” The complete tweet in question reads, “Who the...
  13. K

    negative pressure isolation rooms for airborne contagious diseases

    CDC - 2007 Isolation Precautions:Glossary - HICPAC there seems to be some clueless people here as to what these rooms are indicated for so here ya go: AIRBORNE infection isolation room (AIIR). Formerly, negative pressure isolation room, an AIIR is a single-occupancy patient-care room used...
  14. intangible child

    Evangelicals Pressure Florida Governor on Climate Change

    Evangelicals are frequently called out for appearing to care only about the unborn and giving little attention to post-birth conditions. Evangelical Environmental Network The 21-year-old Evangelical Environment Network, which describes itself as “a ministry that educates, inspires and...
  15. roastpork

    Was it her education or just the pressure?

    This Girl Strikes Out On 'Family Feud' - Digg
  16. roastpork

    Visa under pressure.

    The Liberal Crazies are at it again.:mellow: Gun Control Activists Demand Visa Sever Ties With NRA
  17. RNG

    Don't Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks

    Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks, Get a Visit from the Feds Michele Catalano was looking for information online about pressure cookers. Her husband, in the same time frame, was Googling backpacks. Wednesday morning, six men from a joint terrorism task force showed up at their house to see...
  18. excalibur

    6 Liter Assault Pressure Cookers

    Congress needs to act now to ban these 6 liter assault pressure cookers. Aren't 4 liters enough? Why does anyone need a 6 liter pressure cooker anyway? What are they doing, cooking for a family or something with those 6 liter assault pressure cookers? Enough! Ban all 6 liter assault pressure...
  19. TNVolunteer73

    Do we now ban Assult Pressure Cookers?

    Oh dear.. what next will we have to give up in the name of "Faux Security"
  20. F

    How Should We Put Pressure On Israel?

    How should we put pressure on Israel and stop the Zionists. What kind of sanctions are needed to stop the occupation, the war crimes, the apartheid and allow democracy? EDIT: Material boycott includes military and weapons boycott.