1. J

    N.Y. Daily News lets go of half of its Yellow Journalists, pays price for biased news

    SEE: New York Daily News Fires Half Its Editorial Staff July 23, 2018 ”Earlier in the day, Rich changed his job description on his Twitter page from Daily News Editor-In-Chief to “just a guy sitting at home watching journalism being choked into extinction.” He also tweeted, “If you hate...
  2. RNG

    MAGA hats may double in price

    Unintended consequences, or as my dad used to say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Dot Don's tariffs cover his made in China hats. :lol::lol::lol:
  3. Panther

    The high price of stale grievances
  4. A

    Why is the price of gas going up?

    Have you noticed the jump in the price of gas? We are still months away from summer vacations and already I am thinking I better adjust to riding the bus to the gym, and leaving my car parked. My rent jumped $135, food has gone up, I use very little heat because my electric bill is too high...
  5. skews13

    Tom Price And Paul Ryan Go On Sunday Shows To Brazenly Lie About Health Bill To Ameri

    Tom Price, liar. It's Sunday, that blessed day reserved for national political figures to appear on morning television shows and lie outright to America. For some reason we put up with this; I'm going to presume it's because very few families own their own pitchforks anymore or even knows...
  6. J

    Paul Ryan’s repeal and replace allows restraint of trade and price fixing to continue

    I found no repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act in Paul Ryan’s REPEAL AND REPLACE PLAN Without a repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act, the State Legislatures and Insurance Companies will still be able to thwart competition across state lines and “legally” engage in price fixing, restraint of...
  7. excalibur

    General Cartwright - paying the price - Hillary's sins

    General Cartwright is paying the price for Hillary Clinton’s sins 
  8. Clara007

    Price Gouging as Hurricane Matthew Approaches

    Some Florida businesses are being accused of price gouging as hurricane winds drive millions to seek shelter elsewhere. Hotels. Florida resident:“I had made a hotel reservation at Holiday Inn by I95 for Wednesday through Friday night… then after hearing how close it’s going to be and timing, I...
  9. S

    USA goods could be more price competitive.

    I’m a proponent of a unilateral substantially market driven global trade policy as described within the Wikipedia article “Import Certificates”. If it were adopted by the USA it would almost, (if not entirely) eliminate USA’s chronic trade deficits of goods; it’s would likely increase and never...
  10. LongWinded

    Bernie Sanders Refuses Donation From CEO Who Raised Drug Price

    Bernie Sanders Refuses Donation From CEO Who Raised Drug Price Cool.
  11. Lyzza

    In Peru water is a high price for Lima's poor

    Okay, do not read this if you are easily angered by the horrible treatment of the poor. Do not read this if you want to throw something, or break something, when you read about the intolerable suffering of others. AND, do not read this if seeing a Wall of Shame separating rich and poor (with...
  12. roastpork

    The Price of a good smoke.

    Here you go::blink: What a Pack of Cigarettes Costs, State By State - The Awl
  13. RNG

    Big retailers price black, white Barbies differently

    I thought about putting this into the Civil Rights or the Economics forums but since I couldn't decide I put it here. The Coles notes version of the story linked below is that WalMart and Target charged more for a black Barbie than for a white barbie that was identical in all other respects...
  14. excalibur

    What Price Amnesty

    It won't merely be in the trillions of dollars, IOW not just money, but massive crime waves, and the destruction of what remains of the Republic. Sheriffs: Obama Amnesty Is ?Destruction of Our Democracy,? ?Gaping Hole? for Terrorists | MRCTV 
  15. Medicine Man

    Big Pharma; The Price Of An Actual CURE!!!

    ....(Rather than supplying "band-aids"....forever.)
  16. excalibur

    Gold Price Manipulation

    Gold Price Manipulation 
  17. excalibur

    The Price Illegals Are Costing Us All

    Connecticut is just one such story. Legalizing won't make the costs go away either. They'll just be propped up on Medicaid thus no savings at all. In fact, if they are legalized and then placed on Medicaid the costs will be even higher. Democrats want to legalize for votes. Some...
  18. intangible child

    The Underestimated Costs, and Price Tag, of the Iraq War

    The Iraq War, by most accounts, has not aged well. In the 10 years since the conflict began, public opinion on it has soured, and the country remains damaged and corrupt. The casualties total in the tens of thousands, and weapons of mass destruction were never found. The Underestimated Costs...
  19. intangible child

    Walmart: Rehire employee fired for price matching turkey for elderly customer two day

    On Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 -- just two days before Thanksgiving -- my son, Kyle Jaglal, was fired from a Walmart store in Frankfort, Kentucky for price matching a turkey for an elderly customer who had an advertisement in hand. He broke no rules and adhered to Walmart's price matching...