1. J

    President Trump’s tax plan keeps the socialist communist progressive income tax alive

    . Well, now that the Republican tax reform is finalized on paper, we see that it not only keeps the socialist, communist, progressive income tax alive, but President Trump has already given thumbs up to this Washington Sewer Rat’s method of taxation which does nothing to remove the iron fist...
  2. L

    Ask any white progressive here

    What is so Beautiful with progressive poeple with african american and otherwises with new name just are progressive people I did only likes muslim with non terrorism complex or only likes terrorism who is cruel against all who they will to suffer. Fascism are Little better than radical...
  3. L

    Progressive agenda

    100 Days trial.
  4. Sabcat

    Race relations, entertainment and the progressive influence.

    In 2003 Chappell's show came out and was one of the top comedy shows on TV for its running. The open and dark approach to race relations in the states was nothing new. Good times, The Jeffersons and All in the Family to name a few in a long line of dark comedies to capitalize on the subject...
  5. Panther

    The American progressive view of Europe[/B]
  6. K

    Who is progressive?!

    20 day under increased.
  7. K


    30 days trial in this case. Selfy I vote Muslims.
  8. U

    A progressive

    A person who goes out on a limb so far they hear the limb breaking behind them and turn around and blame the tree!!!
  9. P

    The leftist progressive agenda!

    BOMBSHELL EMAIL: Clinton Camp "Demands" "Compliant Citizenry" for Her Master Plan BOMBSHELL EMAIL: Clinton Camp “Demands” “Compliant Citizenry” for Her Master Plan Well Democrat voters are already unaware! An email released in the recent Wikileaks dump laid out Democrat presidential nominee...
  10. J

    What is the difference between a socialist and a Clinton progressive democrat?

    . Can anyone here explain what the difference is between a socialist and “progressive democrat”? The reason I ask this is because Hillary Clinton could not answer "What’s the difference between a socialist and democrat"? But Hillary did CONFIRM she is a “progressive democrat”. So...
  11. Sabcat

    Dog Poop and the Progressive Mind

    more Dog Poop and the Progressive Mind | The Daily Liberator
  12. P

    9th circus liberal progressive court disregards constitution!

    Time for someone to tell these leftist bastards they do not get to change the constitution to suit their agenda, screw it, just open carry! Federal Appeals Court: Second Amendment Doesn?t Guarantee Right to Concealed Carry |
  13. P

    Lberal progressive assault on free speech!

    Professor Claims ?Neo-Nazi? Ben Shapiro?s Campus Lecture Left Students ?Brutalized? | Video | Professor Claims ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ben Shapiro’s Campus Lecture Left Students ‘Brutalized’ May. 26, 2016 7:03pm Tré Goins-Phillips 1K Shares Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro held a...
  14. skews13

    Power Of Progressive Economics: The Clinton Years

    President Bill Clinton’s economic strategy focused on policies that invested in people, innovation, and infrastructure—investments that strengthened communities and our middle class. By pairing that strategy with a smart fiscal approach, his administration and Congress during his two terms...
  15. Sabcat

    ‘You Have Become What You Hated’: Progressive Left ON Censorship

    Norton also scolded the progressive left for becoming “exactly what you hated.” “You have become exactly [like] the conservative, religious book burners of the 40s and the 50s and the 60s. You are it!” he said. “You are the speech repressors, you are the hypersensitive ones, you are the ones...
  16. excalibur

    The Further Adventures of 'Progressive Insanity'

    The lunacy continues unabated. And it will only get worse. Chicago Students Now Required To Adopt Transgender Newspeak Chicago To Punish Kids For Wrong Pronouns | The Daily Caller 
  17. excalibur

    Just the Usual Liberal / Progressive Stuff

    Trump thanks Latina supporter; now mounting backlash threatens her business - 
  18. P

    Reap what you sew progressive socialists!

    What About Obama and Schumer, the Alito Filibuster? - The DENISE SIMON EXPERIENCE Blog Liberal Democrat Progressive Socialist set the precedence! There are some who believe that the President, having won the election, should have the complete authority to appoint his nominee, and the...
  19. hot dragon

    Progressive Liberalism, Fanaticism, Prejudice and Bigotry

    The baby was being treated and needed bone marrow transplant. Shlomi Eldar, the Gaza correspondent for Israeli Channel 10 News, was assigned to make a documentary about the operation called “Precious Life.” But when he met Raida Abu Mustafa, the mother of the child, she launched into a painful...
  20. LongWinded

    Hillary’s Latest Dirty Trick Outrages Even Kumbaya Progressive Thom Hartmann

    Hillary?s Latest Dirty Trick Outrages Even Kumbaya Progressive Thom Hartmann Clinton is doing the same thing she did in 2008 in her failed campaign. Lying, attacking her opponent and not addressing her issues which are here.