1. Nwolfe35

    GA legislature remove tax exemption for jet fuel to punish Delta

    Delta has cut ties with the NRA (ending a discount for members). In response the Republican controlled GA legislature has removed a tax exemption for jet fuel from their latest tax bill. The exemption benefited Delta who is based in GA. Two hilarious pieces of information have now...
  2. J

    FL House bans sanctuary cities, will punish local leaders who flaunt law

    . See Florida House passes ban on ‘sanctuary cities’ for undocumented immigrants February 03, 2016 11:28 PM ”TALLAHASSEE The Florida House on Thursday voted to require local governments to detain people believed to be undocumented immigrants and, in some cases, let the governor...
  3. reedak

    North Korea promises to punish China and Russia

    1. The following are excerpts from a Reuters news report, by Ben Blanchard in Beijing and Hyonhee Shin in Seoul on December 24, 2017, under the headline "North Korea says new U.N. sanctions an act of war" at...
  4. J

    Bill to punish lawless officials in sanctuary cities with fines and jail time

    . See Bill Would Punish Sanctuary City Officials For Protecting Illegals ”Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita has introduced a bill to punish elected officials in sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal officials in enforcing U.S. immigration laws. Rokita told Fox...
  5. T

    Obama's Secret Struggle to Punish Russia for Putin's Election Assault

    Eaarly last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides. Inside was an intelligence...
  6. GhostRider

    Trump opponents beware, the right wing god will punish you.

    http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/mary-colbert-god-will-curse-trumps-opponents-and-their-children-and-grandchildren/ Beware intelligent people, trumps bastard god of green will punish you for opposing the chosen one. The video doesn't lie. "It’s not that Donald Trump is all that perfect...
  7. B

    How Obamacare Allows Companies to Punish Fat Employees

    How Obamacare Allows Companies to Punish Fat Employees | Observer There's a number of liberal fat-asses here!!!! How do you like that?! LOL!:lol:
  8. LongWinded

    Tom Cotton Wants To Punish Countries That Take Guantanamo Prisoners -- Including U.S.

    Tom Cotton Wants To Punish Countries That Take Guantanamo Prisoners -- Including U.S. Allies Of course Cotton wants to stop the American judicial system from working. This is a GREAT reason for the creation of anger against the US and reason he can then make more money on wars. Cotton is...
  9. Camelot

    Republican Trickle Down Failure Will Punish Baby Boomers

    Republican economic policy has been a disgraceful failure;
  10. highway80west

    North Korea To Punish Mourners Who Were Insincere

    http://www.huffingto...26pLid%3D127414 You'd better watch out, you'd better cry. You'd better pout, I'm telling you why: North Korea's punishing insincere mourners, according to the Daily NK. An anonymous source tells the Daily NK, a South Korea-based publication in opposition of the North...
  11. Ray Kaye

    God's Gonna Punish You For This!

    Storm Aborts Pope's Antigay Speech A strong thunderstorm in Madrid brought a premature end to Pope Benedict XVI's Saturday night speech asserting the primacy of heterosexual marriage. Pope Benedict XVI had to cut short a speech asserting the primacy of heterosexual marriage as a...
  12. highway80west

    Georgia Lawmaker's Anti-Abortion Proposal Could Punish Women For Miscarriages

    I saw this, and I don't believe this. Why should women be punished for miscarriages? If a woman miscarries more than once, well, no woman should be penalized for that. ************************************************************************************************************* A Georgia...
  13. C

    Opposing Digits-Protect Nazi and Punish Disabled Women?

    Opposing Digits - Protect Nazi and Punish Disabled Women? The truth about David Myatt's / Anton Long's pitiless attacks on disabled woman cuts no ice with the 'Opposing Digits' forum. A messageboard post with inks to a blog exposing David Myatt's violent past and perverted present, are...