1. S

    Purely a hate crime

    Won't be called that but that is what it is and it is a result of blacks knowing they can spin it, call it racist and it won't get any attention, this is the legacy of Obama. ?Pure brutality?: Mom, teen daughter beaten up at their restaurant for mind-boggling reason ? TheBlaze
  2. T

    Purely for the ignorent..

    'Ukranians' and 'Belo'russians are ethic RUSSIANS speaking local dialects but with a strong East Slavic culture. They were seperated from the main body of Russians by foreign invasions and the setting up of seperate soviets by the commies for doctrinal reasons. The Czar was Czar of all the...
  3. RidinHighSpeeds

    Can we explain consciousness in purely physical terms?

    The first thing I need to do before I try to answer the question is define what you mean by consciousness. Consciousness is such a broad term as everyone has different opinions of it. Consciousness can refer to someone having awareness, or of being self-aware, as well as brain activity or no...
  4. CNN

    Plame: Outing was 'purely political'

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.