1. houseknight


    As expected, the victory of Putin and Assad in Syria brings Israel closer to the war on the northern front. The story of the downed Russian reconnaissance aircraft is a typical deliberate pre-war provocation well known in history. The Syrians knew very well whose plane they shot down. I do not...
  2. F

    George Catlett Putin

    Let me start with a clarification. I am criticizing the Marshall Plan —— not General Marshall. The title of this thread in no way implies that Putin is of the same caliber of man as General George Catlett Marshall (1880-1959) (Secretary of State 1947–1949 —— Secretary of Defense: September 21...
  3. imaginethat

    What we know about the Trump campaign, the Trump White House, and Russia

    Indeed it's damning when we look at the puzzle rather than the pieces. What else do we need to know? More here: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/7/16/17573692/trump-putin-meeting-helsinki-mueller-russia
  4. Sabcat

    The Watch Collection of Vladimir Putin

    Video in link The Watch Collection of Vladimir Putin ? The Watch Doctor
  5. imaginethat

    Maybe Putin doesn't have any dirt on Trump, but....

    But maybe, he wants Trump to believe that he does. That's the fine Russian institution of Kompromat, the art of threatened blackmail, whether you have any dirt on your opponent or not. I got the idea from this article: Tons more...
  6. tristanrobin

    Trump Is Fighting the Entire Republican Party to Defend Putin

    excellent article - this is what is happening in the U.S. today. Whether Trump is actually an evil fascist looking to team up with Putin for world power, or merely an inept, ignorant, out-of-depth dotard unaware of the consequences of his braggadocio, something needs to be done about it before...
  7. imaginethat

    Putin wants Trump to give him access to one man - revealing Putin's greatest weakness

    Putin did a poor job of concealing his emotions when he spoke of Mr. Browder, a man who dared to expose Russian corruption and threaten Putin's wealth. Putin's greatest weakness? His pride and greed...
  8. F

    GOP: Putin Is bad. Gorbachev Is Good.

    Finally, the ol’ Butcher of Afghanistan came out of the woodwork to offer sage advice: Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev says the next month’s U.S.-Russian summit could become a historic event. Gorbachev was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying Thursday that if Russian...
  9. noonereal

    Fox interviewing Putin and Trump post summit

    The propaganda arm of the GOP will sit down with both Putin and Trump to discuss the summit travesty. Chris Wallace will allow Putin to spread communism on Fox and then Sean Hannity will help enable the communist cause with an "interview" of Trump. I just can't believe what has happened...
  10. noonereal

    Why is Trump meeting with Putin?

    He himself, Trump, has said he has no agenda. Why is this meeting taking place?
  11. L

    Preparing to meet Putin, Trump calls the European Union a 'foe'

    Seriously, WTF? Preparing to meet Putin, Trump calls the European Union a 'foe'
  12. imaginethat

    Putin says Russia is being held ‘hostage’ to President Trump’s political scandals

    Poor widdle Putie.... After telling the Russian people that Trump is Russia's hope for removing sanctions, Trump has increased sanctions. And make no mistake. Putin is delivering a left-handed criticism of Mueller's investigation, a subtle move but predictable, as he lays on criticism of Trump...
  13. imaginethat

    Edward Snowden: There’s No One Trump Loves More Than Vladimir Putin

    Just when people were starting to ask: What happened to Snowden? Will the rightists now turn on one of their heroes? More: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/edward-snowden-trump-loves-putin_us_5b08ae41e4b0568a880b7451
  14. skews13

    Trump's $270 Billion Gift To Putin Bad For All Americans

    Could Donald Trump’s move on the Iran deal have been done to spike oil prices to save the Russian economy? We can’t know the answer to that question, because Trump’s motives are not clear. However we do know with certainty that Russia’s economy has been in deep trouble because of low oil...
  15. RNG

    The Republican President turns on Putin

    I'm amazed this hasn't been posted yet. One of his tweets last night: This is the only example of unequivocal criticism of Putin I can remember ever seeing. Enough is enough, or is he desperately trying to protect his image...
  16. Camelot

    Moscow Announces Trump Invited Putin To WH

    We have to keep depending on Moscow to tell us what the Con Man is up to. It was the Russian press corp that published the pictures of Russian operatives in the Oval Office during that infamous meeting when the Con Man told them that he took care of the Comey problem. That was also the meeting...
  17. G

    Breaking news that Putin and Russia

    have closed the US Embassy in St Petersburg and will expel 60 US diplomats. Doubt it will be much of a surprise. Do wonder what he will do about the other 26 nations.
  18. Camelot

    Putin Expels 150 Diplomats In Retaliation

    Here we go.......
  19. Camelot

    Chump sends congrats to Putin - Pissed we know about it

    Oh yes, this traitor congratulates a man who won a “rigged” election, a man who “rigged” our elections, a man who uses poison on our allies soil, a man who murders political opponents and journalists. Our creep congratulated that creep. Now he is pissed that we know he was specifically urged by...
  20. Sabcat

    Vladimir Putin Overwhelmingly Wins Re-Election

    Vladimir Putin Overwhelmingly Wins Re-Election ? CBS Miami