1. L

    North Idaho man hurls racial slurs, profanity at teenagers getting ice cream

    Wow...keep it classy, racists. Welcome to Idaho. https://www.inlander.com/spokane/north-idaho-man-hurls-racial-slurs-profanity-at-teenagers-getting-ice-cream-at-mcdonalds/Content?oid=10962254 More here: http://www.cdapress.com/local_news/20180719/hayden_man_charged_with_hate_crime
  2. RNG

    New data on racial descrimination

    This graph is an extract of data from the linked poll by Pew Research Center. Quite a shift happening there. The Partisan Divide on Political Values Grows Even Wider | Pew Research Center
  3. Peter the Roman

    Mit Brennender Sorge

    Venerable Brethren, Greetings, and Apostolic Blessing. It is with burning concern and growing surprise that We have long been following the painful trials of the Church and the increasing vexations which afflict those who have remained loyal in heart and action in the midst of a people that...
  4. Sabcat

    An Open Letter To Gay, White Men: No, You’re Not Allowed To Have A Racial Preference

    . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/an-open-letter-to-gay-white-men-no-youre-not-allowed_us_5947f0ffe4b0f7875b83e459
  5. excalibur

    CNN Faces Growing Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

    Not the Clinton News Network. Oh, the horror! CNN Faces Growing Racial Discrimination Lawsuit | Hollywood Reporter 
  6. Q

    The Obamas Have A History Of Racial Division, Not Surprised To See Colin Kaepernick A

    The Obamas Have A History Of Racial Division, Not Surprised To See Colin Kaepernick At The White House! ? Freedom Daily Well, at least Colin Kaepernick has something in common with the Obama’s… they’re both racists and they both hate cops. You are known by the company you keep, so of course...
  7. Clara007

    DOJ: Baltimore PD Routinely Showed Racial Bias

    A Justice Department investigation found that the Baltimore Police Department engages in unconstitutional practices that led to disproportionate rates of stops, searches and arrests of African-Americans, and excessive use of force against juveniles and people with mental health disabilities...
  8. J

    Supreme Court: racial discrimination (affirmative action) ok when we say so

    See:Supreme Court upholds University of Texas affirmative action plan ”Washington (CNN) — The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the race-conscious admissions program at the University of Texas, saying that the plan taking race into consideration as one factor of admission is constitutional...