1. Sabcat

    Twitter Suspends Candace Owens' Account for Mimicking Sarah Jeong's Racism

  2. justoneman

    Barack Obama 'exacerbated racism'

    This is absolutely true. Rick Santorum says Barack Obama 'exacerbated racism' in the U.S. Former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., said former President Barack Obama had the power to bring the nation together but wound up increasing racism in part by the way he handled police shootings...
  3. U

    I am a democrat who hates racism and lazy....

    Why is it that the vast majority of politically correct people belong to the democratic party.......I call those people liar's because what they say is not what they think... I think them and the liberals, socialist and globalist should form their own party.
  4. R

    The Silenced #MeToo: War, Rape, & Racism

    I've mentioned previously that left activist movements in the US are co-opted by government forces (usually some combination of the FBI and CIA) intending to subvert social activist movements, usually with co-opted leadership...
  5. U

    Less racism and hatred in 1950 than today.....

    It's true.....I was there and I am here........I'm an old gray headed southern white man....have you ever been there? I don't blame young blacks for not trusting me, I don't. Lots of old blacks don't trust me.....I don't blame them....... Distrust is a "learned" thing from others.....and...
  6. U


    A slow God heal is way better than a fast man cure!!!
  7. Neil

    The racism behind "gun control" laws

    This is essentially just "icing on the cake" as far as being one reason for why I'm totally opposed to any form of ban or restriction on the right to keep and bear arms: The racist origin of gun control laws | TheHill https://www.firearmsandliberty.com/cramer.racism.html
  8. webguy4

    Democrats are the Party of Racism

    Yes, they are. https://youtu.be/ytSZ851hLRc
  9. Sabcat

    Racism at Kansas State

    Apparently a ball players car was vandalized w/ phrases shuch as "niggers go home" and "whites only" Sad.
  10. handydude

    What Are Your Thoughts On "Racism."

    Before you give me your opinion, it would be helpful if you first read the closed down thread "Is racism bad?" No doubt most of you out there would consider "racism" to be bad. Here is your chance to tell me why.
  11. handydude

    Is "Racism" Bad?

    This is a trick question. Because there is no such thing as 'race." What there is in fact is "species." "Race" is just a politically correct way of saying "species." If race existed, it would exist somewhere else in the animal kingdom. But it doesn't. Species does. At the very least...
  12. S

    More racism! Of course it will be excused!

    https://conservativeforever.com/rapper-p-diddy-solves-nfls-problem-says-need-white-people1/ News Rapper P Diddy Solves NFL’s Problem — Says We Need to Do This to ALL WHITE PEOPLE By Christina Peeva SHARE THIS STORY The NFL confusion is among the top talked subjects in America. Some...
  13. F

    How did public opinion on racism change so drastically between 1945-1970?

    This is related to the last question I posted, but I thought I would rephrase it so I could get closer to the issue. Prior to World War II, Europe and the United States were obviously very racist places. The worst of which being Nazi Germany. By 1965, both the USA and UK had passed legislation...
  14. skews13

    Fundamentalism, Racism, Fear And Propaganda...

    An Insider Explains Why Rural, Christian, White America Will Never Change As the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump is still being sorted out, a common theme keeps cropping up from all sides: “Democrats failed to understand white, working-class, fly-over America.” Trump supporters...
  15. tristanrobin

    When Racism Doesn't Mean Bigotry.

    Often on this forum we get bogged down when discussing racism because there is a chasm between the understanding of the word. I've often said that racism is not the same thing as bigotry and prejudice. But some don't get it and we get going on the semantic merry-go-round and end up nowhere. I...
  16. R

    Donald Trump and the Fear of Death

    To varying degrees everybody lives with a fear of death and, in one manner or another, attempts to deny death's finality. In the case of Donald Trump, all those steel and granite edifices emblazoned with his name have long struck me as evidence of a terror of extinction. Their presumed endurance...
  17. EbonyBreeCaple

    Racism - Experiences, Fears, Activism and Regrets.

    I’m a white Australian. I consider myself Pro Black but I’m always learning new ways to identify racism, both my own and that of others. My first experience of racism was in Primary School in a country Victorian town in the late 80s. Sitting in the library with 2 other White boys finding my...
  18. avlis

    Racism in Europe.

    Say your opinion Where there is more racism. In countries north of europe- countries of central europe - or countries of southern europe. Opinions are to respect
  19. U


    racism is the tool of a politician. divide and divide
  20. U


    We will always have racism as long as politicians can use it as a political tool to get votes!!!!!!!