1. Neil

    Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th

    Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th https://www.concealedcarry.com/national/second-amendment-rights-rallies-scheduled-across-us-on-april-14th/
  2. skews13

    8 Years After Bogus Tea Party Rallies Marches To Release Trumps Returns

    Taxed enough already? In 2009 and 2010, the federal tax bite dropped to the smallest share of the U.S. economy since 1950. On Saturday, April 15, thousands of Americans will take part in Tax Day Tax Marches in cities and towns across the country. Their objective? To pressure President...
  3. imaginethat

    ‘Not my president’: Thousands protest Trump in rallies across the U.S.

    This is horrible, truly. Yet, who's been saying this for eight years already? ‘Not my president’: Thousands protest Trump in rallies across the U.S. Nationwide demonstrations against the election of Donald Trump spilled into a second night Thursday with thousands of protesters...
  4. coke

    Dow rallies to record close

    Well, all of you on the left and our favorite leaf(RNG) who claimed doom and gloom and the sky was falling. Here is some more post Trump sky falling for you Dow rallies to record close Dow rallies to record close as investors reposition for Trump presidency - MarketWatch
  5. excalibur

    Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

    In true Progressive style. Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies | Project Veritas Action Video 1 
  6. Camelot

    Alex Jones paying people to interrupt Clinton rallies

    This country's most unbalanced conspiracy theorist has sunk to a new low. Alex Jones has offered to pay 5,000 to anyone that can yell out "Clinton is a rapist" on national television. And, $1,000 for anyone that can get their "Clinton is a rapist" tee shirt shown on air. Both Hillary and Bill's...
  7. LongWinded

    How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies

    How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies Finally, Christians are joining other peaceful religions to counter the hatred from the born again evangelical crowds.
  8. imaginethat

    Judith Miller’s pathetic Iraq apologia: Disgraced reporter rallies to her own defense

    "Not taking responsibility for some of the lies associated with the Iraq War" should be listed as a mental disease, and it's definitely a moral deficit. More bullshit here: Judith Miller?s pathetic Iraq apologia: A disgraced reporter rallies to her own defense - Salon.com
  9. imaginethat

    Dueling Moscow Rallies on Crimea Draw Thousands as Russians Torn

    Russia has its share of dumb asses who want to be told what to think and how to act. Russia also has people who think for themselves and aren't ready to return to the 18th Century and have had it with government lies. Like almost any country, the latter group is a minority but growing...
  10. NPR

    Congressman Steve King Rallies Conservative Ideas

    Republican Congressman Steve King is known for his strong conservative stance on issues like the budget, immigration and abortion. The Tea Party-backed lawmaker from Iowa was one of a handful of Republicans to vote against a budget extension to avoid a government shutdown. And he's been an...
  11. NPR

    In Florida, Budget Cuts Inspire Rallies

    Hundreds of people representing labor unions, environmental groups and the Tea Party turned out in Tallahassee on Tuesday. Lawmakers this session are likely to try to close a budget shortfall by cutting social services, education and environmental programs. » E-Mail This     » Add to...
  12. NPR

    Michael Moore Rallies Pro-Union Protesters In Wis.

    Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore urged Wisconsin residents Saturday to fight against Republican efforts to strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights, telling thousands of protesters that "Madison is only the beginning." » E-Mail This     » Add to Del.icio.us Source...
  13. NPR

    Despite Layoff Threats, Wis. Budget Rallies Rage

    Wisconsin state workers were out in force again Saturday to protest Governor Scott Walker's budget proposal and his move to end collective bargaining for most state employees. The rally at the state capitol was held a day after Walker sent notices to state workers' unions warning that he would...
  14. NPR

    Nationwide Rallies Against Wis. Anti-Union Bill

    Chanting pro-union slogans and carrying signs declaring "We are all Wisconsin," protesters turned out in cities nationwide to support thousands of public workers who've set up camp at the Wisconsin Capitol to fight Republican-backed legislation aimed at weakening unions. » E-Mail This     »...
  15. NPR

    Trenton Rallies To Defend Union Workers

    Union workers from across New Jersey rallied in front of the statehouse in Trenton on Friday. The event was billed as a show of solidarity for union workers in Wisconsin. But the demonstrators also had a message for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who wants public employees to contribute more to...
  16. NPR

    Wis. Rallies Renew History Of Political Activism

    A birthplace of the progressive movement is crackling with a fervor not seen in decades, as students from the famously liberal University of Wisconsin team up with unionized state workers for demonstrations against collective bargaining rights pushed by the state's new Republican governor...
  17. CNN

    Liberal coalition rallies in Washington

    Five weeks after Tea Party enthusiasts rallied in Washington and one month before mid-term elections, a coalition of liberal groups will have their turn on the streets of the U.S. capital. More...
  18. CNN

    Lady Gaga rallies for 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal

    Declaring that "Equality is the prime rib of America," pop star Lady Gaga urged Maine's two U.S. senators to help break a Republican filibuster on legislation that includes a repeal of the military's ban on openly homosexual servicemembers. More...
  19. Rod

    Indonesians have political rallies too!

    Bits of news from around the world. World News, Saturday Oct. 11, 2008 "DENPASAR, Indonesia (Reuters) - Several thousand Indonesians from across the archipelago held a rally in Bali on Saturday to oppose a controversial anti-pornography bill that parliament may vote on next week. The...
  20. tristanrobin

    Massive Rallies Support Papal Slam at Gays

    Massive Rallies For Papal Slam At Gays by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff Posted: December 30, 2007 - 1:00 pm ET (Vatican City) Tens of thousands gathered in Madrid and Vatican City for Catholic rallies promoting traditional families on Sunday. Pope Benedict XVI addressed the crowd in St...