1. Sabcat

    Finnish court okays Muslim’s rape of a 10-year-old girl as part of his “culture”

    Finnish court okays Muslim?s rape of a 10-year-old girl as part of his ?culture?
  2. T

    Over 1000 children abused in Britain's worst rape scandal

    A horrifying story broke earlier this week, over a thousand young women were raped, drugged, sold and killed over the course of 40 years in Britain and though the media and police knew about it for years the story is just gaining steam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f13MZG-EnYA
  3. R

    The Silenced #MeToo: War, Rape, & Racism

    I've mentioned previously that left activist movements in the US are co-opted by government forces (usually some combination of the FBI and CIA) intending to subvert social activist movements, usually with co-opted leadership...
  4. Proud Feminist

    Common sense to counter rape culture

    This is common sense solutions. 1. Identify that the problem is men 2. Identify that a rape culture does exist. 3. Teach boys not to rape. Assume all men are rapists. 4. All males must register their DNA. 5. Require single males to take sex suppressing drugs or chemical castration. Make it as...
  5. Quigley

    When child sex isn't rape: French to set age of consent

    PARIS (AP) — Is a 13-year-old girl old enough to agree to sex with an adult? That's a question France is asking itself as the government prepares to set a legal age for sexual consent for the first time. Twice in recent weeks, French courts refused to prosecute grown men for rape after they...
  6. P

    The Child rape Assembly Line

  7. guy39

    Police arrest girl. Girl screams rape

    Girl is passed out in running vehicle and is intoxicated. She accuses police of raping her after they investigated why they were passed out in their car. Problem is the cop was very professional and never raped anyone. Just watch this video. It will make you laugh. I wish the girl could be...
  8. guy39

    snowflake, rape, police, trigger

    This is awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wszxOT-e1iw
  9. RNG

    Pregnancy Is the "Silver Lining" of Rape ...

    There aren't enough faceplant images and memes to cover this one.
  10. Sabcat

    Atheists form rape gangs. Demand sanctuary and get it.

    Just kidding, it was Muslims. The Refugee Rape Gangs of Sweden | Frontpage Mag
  11. Clara007

    Child Rape Case Against Trump

    Over the weekend, Donald Trump falsely stated that James Comey had reopened the email investigation against Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump falsely stated that it was the biggest scandal since Watergate. He falsely stated that, if Hillary Clinton were to win, 650 million immigrants would come into...
  12. P

    Anonymous reveals video bill clinton rape of 13yr old will surface hillary camp morti

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEM7L42x2xc See I can post stuff about Billary!
  13. Dude111

    A disturbing bible verse about Rape

    They attacked Midian just as the LORD had commanded Moses, and they killed all the men. All five of the Midianite kings – Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur, and Reba – died in the battle. They also killed Balaam son of Beor with the sword. Then the Israelite army captured the Midianite women and children and...
  14. excalibur

    Deborah Ross Viewed Brutal Rape as ‘Sympathetic’

    More from the fake, phony, fraud Democrats. Deborah Ross Viewed Brutal Rape as 'Sympathetic' Case 
  15. Sabcat

    Rape Victim Feels Guilty That Attacker Is To Be Deported

    Norwegian man was raped by Somalian asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY | Daily Mail Online
  16. K

    Woman suing trump for rape finally speaks out

    Woman suing trump for rape finally speaks out, and it's DEVASTATING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q82LZEF63uI
  17. coke

    Rape at the olympics

    Rio 2016: Moroccan Olympic Boxer Arrested Following Rape Allegations | KTLA
  18. Sabcat

    Woman gives chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim rape threat

    This happened just down the road from me. We no longer live in that neighborhood but did when my kids were younger. Woman gives chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim rape threat Read more at Woman gives chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim rape threat
  19. GhostRider

    Epstein and Donald J. Trump rape lawsuit

    https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/316341058/Donald-Trump-Jeffrey-Epstein-Rape-Lawsuit-and-Affidavits Unless there are two Jeffrey Epsteins with their own airplanes, this is the same Ebstein the righties used to concoct the lie about Bill Clinton's airborne sex orgies with little girls. Funny...