1. RNG

    Another Trump effect.

    In a divided U.S., therapists treating anxiety are hearing the same name over and over: Donald Trump The CBC Washington correspondent has talked to a whole bunch of clinical psychologists and academics about the effect the Republican President's actions and policies is having on the mental...
  2. tristanrobin

    Finally, Karma's a Real Bitch When You Are

    Father and son spew hate at CA immigration rally; When video goes viral, son loses scholarship
  3. fandango

    What has real value.

    It isn't money. It is the life you live. Such as something I have never known for myself because of the fucked world we live in. Which is a smile on your child's face. For some people, that seems to be all they have in life. Which why they make too many children. That and for many...
  4. L

    an real Right Wing type

    I prefer both foreigner and neo-Nazis in EU but the real Right Wings are Anarchists how allways promise smaller summit of law and they prefer small unite police force. Its an versa Fascism GOP it promise. :-D:ph34r::-D
  5. Citizen Kane

    Marijuana addiction is real, and rising

    And people think it is benign.
  6. webguy4

    Cumberbatch, Real Life Crimefighter

    Stops a mugging, fights off four attackers
  7. avlis

    Real Madrid 3 v Liverpool 1

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 UEFA Champions League Final the Liverpool goalkeeper suffered two chickens and a big bike. Cristiano was not in his day, but hears selfishness from Real Madrid players who did not cross the ball to Cristiano if he saw the egoism of the player Bale. For me...
  8. U

    THIS is REAL gun-control be aware that the rifle could have been a .45 auto with a silencer and subsonic ammo. one hit each, 2 seconds flat, If he was firing from ambush, 9 guys at 25 yds or less would have no clue where he was firing from, no chance to escape or fire...
  9. U

    real reason we went with 223 rifles for war

    and why the rest of the world gave up the .30 AK for the .20AK. Troops fire 50,000 rifle rds for every hit that they get and only about 1 hit in 4 is lethal. Since the rifle accounts for at MOST 10% of battlefield casulties, it makes no sense to burden the soldier with bulky, heavy rifles and...
  10. webguy4

    But that wasn’t real communism

    The most arrogant statement you can make
  11. K

    A real poll for Trump

    I say it's "real" because the "poll rigger" won't touch it - the cost is too high, it costs real money. Now you know the real poll number for Trump. Interesting story: How Trump's brands fade away
  12. tristanrobin

    The "Grotesque Cariacture of the White Evangelical is Real

    The "Grotesque Caricature" of the White Evangelical is Real Most are apoplectic about the White Evangelical durable and cultlike support for Donald Trump. Some see their current morality as a self-serving new thing to get the judges they want. The evil emanating from their movement is...
  13. B

    The real Russian Scandal Here is a snippet, it seems today it is still true about the media! Kennedy was considering another run for president in 1988, but did not rule out running in 1984...
  14. B

    The real reason for the shooting in Florida.

    Surprise it wasn't an inanimate object! So, is this a case of lax gun laws or failure to enforce existing ones?
  15. N

    NY Times: The Real Reason the U.S. Has Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Basically this idea of employers providing their employees with health insurance originated because of a government-imposed wage freeze, essentially government intervention into the...
  16. G

    Here is something from Real Clear....

    Politics, media will not show...nor invite the man to be a guest on showsl "PETE HEGSETH, FOX & FRIENDS HOST: What do you make of the way Democrats have postured on this? Talking about DREAMers, saying they are their advocates but ultimately tying it to budget gimmicks and floor speeches...
  17. G

    From teh Chicago Tribune, a real news

    "Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday proposed security standards and other broad outlines for his long-gestating Chicago municipal ID card program for immigrants and others, but the introduced ordinance leaves several unanswered questions about how it will work. The proposal requires all city...
  18. Sabcat

    Is Kwanzaa a real thing?

    A funny examination of Kwanzaa and other holidays around this time of year.
  19. D

    The REAL Bible

    For the most part I have not responded to ignorant people attacking the Bible and Christianity. I also realized that most people who consider themselves atheists, non-believers, or whatever makes them antithetical to religion don't have the facts. So, you may have to wade through a lot of...
  20. K

    Do you think God is real?

    I simply want to know what you think about this whole religious thing.. I've been wanting to ask this to people but they're probably just going to accuse me for asking so maybe in this forum I can freely do so.:mellow: