1. U

    real reason we went with 223 rifles for war

    and why the rest of the world gave up the .30 AK for the .20AK. Troops fire 50,000 rifle rds for every hit that they get and only about 1 hit in 4 is lethal. Since the rifle accounts for at MOST 10% of battlefield casulties, it makes no sense to burden the soldier with bulky, heavy rifles and...
  2. tristanrobin

    Trump's lying seems to be getting worse. Psychology suggests there's a reason why.

    Trump's lying seems to be getting worse. Psychology suggests there's a reason why. As psychologists interested in the science of lying, Trump’s increasing mendacity presents an interesting question. By Tali Sharot and Neil Garrett / May 23, 2018 / 3:56 PM ET Between when President Donald...
  3. G

    One reason Mexico helps send

    people across our border is the huge cash flow that it gets from it's people living here. Estimated last year at 23 Billion dollars. It is probably it's largest cash flow "crop". Don't believe me, look it up. That, as well as all the money sent out to other nations, from their citizens here...
  4. B

    The real reason for the shooting in Florida.

    Surprise it wasn't an inanimate object! So, is this a case of lax gun laws or failure to enforce existing ones?
  5. U

    The reason Hillary should leave DC
  6. N

    NY Times: The Real Reason the U.S. Has Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Basically this idea of employers providing their employees with health insurance originated because of a government-imposed wage freeze, essentially government intervention into the...
  7. webguy4

    Reason vs. Faith ?

    Uhh , no. That’s the wrong question. But, apparently that needs to be explained to some people. It is not possible to use or apply reason without faith.
  8. RNG

    The reason behind the WH leak problem

    A bit of a long read, but very interesting. The real reason the Trump administration has such a leak problem
  9. K

    The real reason why Comey was fired

    960. Silk Road Forum (5/13/2017) Trump fired FBI Director Comey. There is a big argument. I think it's part of the Feds' plan - "Drain the swamp". To have a FBI Chief of their own. The last FBI director who left the post without fulfill the full ten years term is Louis Freeh. Both left on my...
  10. GhostRider

    Another reason to boot Sessions. Not only is Sessions a probable Russian sympathizer he is extremely ignorant about the...
  11. GhostRider

    Trump was NOT the reason Intel was building in Arizona. "Trump also used his rally to repeat the claim that Intel was investing $7bn to build a factory in Arizona, creating about 3,000 jobs. However, the company had already announced...
  12. GhostRider

    Trump lies for no reason

    Trump reportedly claimed 2 were shot dead in Chicago during Obama?s speech. But it never happened. - Chicago Tribune Only a habitual liar lies like trump. No reason to lie about the crowd size at the inauguration but he lied. No reason to lie about people getting shot during President Obama's...
  13. GhostRider

    One more reason to ban Trump from the White House

    BREAKING: More Than 50 Trump Electors ILLEGITIMATE; Can Be Challenged (DETAILS) ? US Uncut Electors not legally eligible to vote, Russian interference, the FBI head releasing misleading information, Trumps proven ties to Putin and right winger manufactured lies about Clinton should be plenty...
  14. GhostRider

    These numbers alone are reason to dump Trump.

    A Guide to Donald Trump's Huge Debts?and the Conflicts They Present | Mother Jones The liar Trump needs to be be impeached before he gets in the White House.These debts alone make him vulnerable and unfit for ANY government position. These numbers don't include the 350 to 600 million he owes...
  15. U

    The reason for a bought supreme court

    Constitutional Amendments - How is the Constitution amended? They (politicians, power grabbers) know the states won't go for it.
  16. P

    Reason for No Show Clinton election night!

    Report: Hillary ?physically violent? after losing
  17. skews13

    The Real Reason We Have An Electoral College: To Preserve Slave States

    There are several standard stories that I learned in school, and then there's an emerging story that I find more explanatory. I learned in school that it was a balance between big and small states. But the real divisions in America have never been big and small states; they're between North and...
  18. RNG

    A domestic terrorist attack thwarted, and ex missed it for some reason.

    Damned terrorists. Kansas mosque: Three men accused of plot to bomb Somalis - BBC News
  19. Nwolfe35

    Reason Magazine: Who will get our votes

    Who Will Get Our Votes? - Many different views.
  20. imaginethat

    Trump's Real Estate Blues: The Biggest Reason He's Down $800 Million This Year

    If things get too bad, he might have to stiff vendors and contractors and declare bankruptcy. Hey! It's legal!!! Forbes Welcome