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    Sales taxes are not a regressive tax.

    Sales taxes are not particularly regressive; they're not progressive. Opponent of general sales taxes correctly point out that lesser income earners must spend a greater proportion, and higher income earners need not, and generally do not spend their entire incomes for products that would be...
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    FICA and SECA are our most regressive taxes.

    FICA and SECA are our most regressive federal taxes. The huge plurality of USA's poorest income earners are wage earners. We all pay the taxes embedded within the prices we pay; but wage earners are the only individual persons upon which the FICA tax based upon payrolls is levied...
  3. coke

    The regressive left’s hatred of free speech

    Berkeley has been all over the news this spring, and for all the wrong reasons. As an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley, I can almost physically feel the value of my degree deflate as I read the headlines. In February, a scheduled speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley was...
  4. Sabcat

    It's Tuesday. Time for the regressive news. Scotland the brave & Non-Binary

    Scotland the brave and Non-Binary
  5. coke

    back lash against the regressive left

    Muslim swim wear banned on some public beaches in France Burqinis Are Banned On Public Beaches In Cannes, France
  6. coke

    MTV joins with the regressive left!

    This is just..well you got to see it. Credit goes to undoomed and edgysphinx
  7. coke

    Regressive left

    This video is a good example of the regressive left. On this website alone we have seen examples of the regressive left. Tristan for example has said he believes speech or images that hurt peoples feelings should not be allowed. This is very scary. It is hard to believe that the left has fell...
  8. coke

    More pushback against the regressive left

    "Blue-Eyed Soul" Singer Daryl Hall To Critics of Cultural Appropriation: "STFU" - Hit & Run :
  9. coke

    Regressive left therapy

    A little talk at UMass. Featuring Milo Yiannpoulos, Christina Hoff Summers, and Steven Crowder. Crowder going off and actually silencing the little safe place pricks was worth the watch. Editing to include this clip of Crowder. This might be the...
  10. coke

    Classic hits of the regressive leftist

    Some classics brought to us by the recessive left
  11. webguy4

    regressive taxes from liberals

    carbon use. for the working poor, taxes on gasoline and heating will always be a larger percentage of their income than for the wealthy. they gotta get to work, the gotta keep the house warm. and of course the depressing effect of these taxes on the economy in general hits poor people harder.
  12. S

    FICA payroll tax; our most regressive tax.

    FICA payroll tax; our most regressive tax. Shifting a portion of FICA payroll tax to a federal sales tax. Medicare is available to almost all of USA’s elderly and Social security retirement is available to almost all of USA’s elderly that were employed in the USA. No one can foretell...