1. reedak

    US and EU reject China’s bid for “market economy” status

    1. I found an interesting poll at Adam Bakhtiar‏ @AdamBakhtiarCNA The US rejects China’s request for “market economy” status, giving the world’s largest economy more leeway to slap duties on cheap Chinese exports. Trump also wants China to help it contain...
  2. Sabcat

    AFL reject transgender player Hannah Mouncey from AFLW draft
  3. skews13

    Electoral College Must Reject Trump Unless He Sells His Business Say Ethics Lawyers

    Members of the Electoral College should not make Donald Trump the next president unless he sells his companies and puts the proceeds in a blind trust, according to the top ethics lawyers for the last two presidents. Richard Painter, Chief Ethics Counsel for George W. Bush, and Norman Eisen...
  4. RNG

    Millennials reject the candidates

    So sad and so true. In view of the last statement in the quote, the question of whether they will bother to vote becomes of significance. Trump? Clinton? Many young Americans prefer giant meteor, poll finds | Reuters
  5. excalibur

    Swiss Voters Reject 'Basic Income' Measure

    By an overwhelming majority. 
  6. Sabcat

    E.u. To fine nations $300,000 for every refugee they reject

    All these nations that have joined the EU over the years had no idea what they were in for. Sure, the elitist globalist politicians who agreed to it knew what was up, but the people probably did not. I’d wager that the majority of them had no idea that they were signing away their sovereignty...
  7. RNG

    Sweden may reject 80,000 asylum claims

    Buyers remorse? Nice to see them getting at least a bit tougher. But it will be interesting to see if the bleeding heart contingent raises enough of a ruckus to make them back off. EU migrant crisis: Sweden may reject 80,000 asylum claims - BBC News
  8. LongWinded

    10 Freedom Caucus Members Publicly Reject Paul Ryan

    10 Freedom Caucus Members Publicly Reject Paul Ryan, Enough To Doom His Candidacy For Speaker | ThinkProgress Only proves the Koch brothers bought "freedom caucus" is nothing more than people trying to tank our economy so the Koch brothers can get more slave workers.
  9. skews13

    Reject The Absolute Moral Corruption Of The Republican Cult

    Reject the Absolute Moral Corruption of the Republican Cult The Republican Party, if any actual Republicans remain in its ranks, has two choices. Extract itself from the evil represented by the Religious Right, and return to civil governance, or, like the Religious Right, cease to be...
  10. skews13

    Amerivan Voters Soundly Reject GOP Strategy To Eliminate ACA Subsidies

    Huge Majority Of American Voters Reject Republican Plan To Eliminate Obamacare Subsidies A national tracking poll on healthcare, released by Morning Consult on Tuesday, reveals that only 15% of registered voters agree with opponents of the Affordable Care Act that federal subsidies...
  11. excalibur

    Swiss Overwhelmingly Reject Minimum Wage Hike

    Geneva (AFP) - Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposal to introduce the world's highest minimum wage, which would have guaranteed every worker in one of the world's priciest nations at least $25 an hour. A proposal to introduce a minimum wage so high it could pass for mid-management pay...
  12. Jimmyb

    Over Half of Chimpanzees Reject Idea of Common Ancestry With Ken Ham

    Over Half of Chimpanzees Reject Idea of Common Ancestry With Ken Ham But when shown pictures of a shirtless Robin Williams, only a handful of chimps denied the possibility of a common ancestor.
  13. L

    Obamacare insurers reject AIDS patients

  14. RNG

    One-third of Americans reject evolution, poll shows

    One-third of Americans reject evolution, poll shows | Reuters Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.
  15. intangible child

    Tell President Obama to Reject the Keystone XL!

    President Obama has vowed not to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline if it significantly increases global warming pollution — but his State Department is still whitewashing this climate-destroying project. Tell the President the Keystone XL fails his climate test and he needs to keep his...
  16. intangible child

    Tell President Obama: Reject Keystone XL!

    This is the final official comment period for Keystone XL. People like you have already submitted over 900,000 comments -- we need to keep it up and push the environmental community's national total to one million! The State Department has released their revised report on the Keystone XL tar...
  17. pensacola niceman

    Women rejects adopted daughter!

    Hey folks, I know Christine Svenningsen. She was in our group in China in 1997 when we adopted my daughter. She was adopting a boy at this time. This was one year after she adopted Emily. Read on! .. Widow Owes Rejected Adopted Daughter Millions, Court Rules By Abby Ellin | ABC News...
  18. garysher

    Jurors Reject Hate Crime Verdict In Gay Murder

    A judge declared a mistrial after jurors said they could not agree whether to convict Brandon McInerney, the middle school student who shot and killed a gay classmate during a morning computer lab. Jurors deadlocked 7 to 5 in favor of voluntary manslaughter in the emotional two-month trial in...
  19. garysher

    British Reject 'american-Style' Healthcare System

    Two years ago, Britons were outraged when U.S. politicians like Sarah Palin, in the debate over healthcare reform, turned this country's National Health Service into a public whipping boy, denouncing it as "evil," "Orwellian" and generally the enemy of everything good and true. It's time...
  20. NPR

    Missouri May Reject Extending Jobless Benefits

    In Missouri, the state legislature is considering turning down money from the federal government to extend benefits for the state's unemployed. Republicans say they don't want to add to the federal budget deficit. » E-Mail This     » Add to Source Click here to view the...