1. imaginethat

    Rejecting anything that could be seen as a sign of weakness or femininity

    My Russian-born wife is dumbfounded over the rise of what she calls the Cult of Putin, and the return to "Stalinism with the blessing of the church," in her words. Here's a complementary angle. More:
  2. skews13

    Study: Rejecting Medicaid Expansion Loses States $8 Billion

    The Terrible Deal For States That Reject Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion | TPMDC The states that declined to expand Medicaid will lose out on a total of $8 billion in federal funds, have millions more residents uninsured, and spend about a billion dollars more on uncompensated care as...
  3. imaginethat

    Ron Paul: States rejecting failed war on drugs

    Sanity, constitutionality, states' rights, plain talk. I can't wait to grow some sinsemilla outdoors this summer!!! :mrgreen: