1. Sabcat

    Victims Kidnapped by Fascist BLM to be Released
  2. RNG

    Democrat counter to Nunes memo to be released

    Emails and tweets are jumping out all over about the relevant committee voting unanimously to release the Democrat memo. I'm surprised it was unanimous.
  3. imaginethat

    The Memo Has Been Released

    Read "the memo" Here's a link to it: This guy's got presidential aspirations.
  4. J

    Memo is released

    House Intel votes to release controversial surveillance memo to the public | Fox News The memo is being couriered over to th White House right now shit.....:lol::lol:
  5. imaginethat

    2,800 JFK Assassination Files Have Been Released, Others Withheld

    So, we're all kinda on pins and needles, right? Truly explosive stuff could be in the 2800 documents. But maybe not. Some documents had to be withheld on account of security reasons. Maybe, that's the explosive stuff. Who knows? 2,800 JFK Assassination Files Have Been Released, Others...
  6. pensacola niceman

    Sex offender released from federal prison in Virginia is missing

    Gee, I wonder why he didn't report as instructed. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Authorities said Wednesday they are searching for a convicted sex offender released from prison in Virginia who has gone missing. Matthew Ezekiel Stager, 45, was released from federal prison in Petersburg, Va., on...
  7. GhostRider

    Hillary asked for ALL emails to be released.

    FBI Issues Major Statement That Congressional Republicans Could Be Indicted ? Liberal Society RWNJs can't manufacture any lies if the FBI will release all of Hillary's emails.
  8. J

    Benghazi Report Released

    Here it is folks...
  9. excalibur

    Full Transcript of Orlando 911 Call Released

    Pressure forced their hand. FBI, DOJ release new, full transcript of Orlando shooter's 911 call | Fox News 
  10. P

    !0 more douchebags released by the Douchebag in chief

    10 Yemeni detainees sent from Gitmo to Oman, in 'troubling' transfer | Fox News Oops i used the word Douche bag again oh well if the summers eve fits!
  11. P

    Latest Douchebag Released by the Douchebag Obama

    This President will go down as the biggest failure of a President in the History of mankind. Obama Releases Gitmo Prisoner Who PROMISED To Kill Americans Again By Robert Gehl - 70 Comments ·...
  12. P

    Released Gitmo prisoner now al queda leaer in Yemen

    Another case of aiding and abetting terrorists! Ex-Guantanamo detainee now an al Qaeda leader in Yemen | The Long War Journal
  13. P

    Maybe this is why no data was released by climate idiots?

    Paper: Researchers? Findings Will ?Infuriate? Climate Change Activists Who Warn of Global Warming-Caused Glacier Melting | Paper: Researchers’ Findings Will ‘Infuriate’ Climate Change Activists Who Warn of Global Warming-Caused Glacier Melting Nov. 4, 2015 3:57pm Jon Street...
  14. Lyzza

    About 6,000 US inmates to be released early

    Wow, this is good news. The BBC article says that in the coming weeks around 6,000 prisoners will be released early, then another 8,500 in November, and in all about 46,000 of the country's 100,000 drug offenders will be released. Many of these drug offenders will see about 2 years dropped...
  15. LongWinded

    Carly Fiorina's supposed 'abortion' video released, but proves nothing

    Carly Fiorina's supposed 'abortion' video released, but proves nothing There's one consistent theme with all this noise from the republican party in denying a woman her right to choose; it's made up of incredible lies.
  16. LongWinded

    Kim Davis Released From Jail Before Defiant Crowd

    Kim Davis Released From Jail Before Defiant Crowd The federal judge has given this woman MORE than enough opportunities to practice her faith without stopping others and their religious freedom. If she pushes this, it will be more jail time or something worse. They make impeach her for her...
  17. foundit66

    Firenado! 800,000 gallons of Jim Beam accidentally released into a Kentucky lake burs

    Jim Beam factory hit by lightning releases 800k gallons of fire whiskey | Daily Mail Online :blink:
  18. intangible child

    Man Doomed to Prison Death for Pot Being Released

    During his two decades behind bars, Jeff Mizanskey has seen murderers, rapists and robbers come and go. Now, it’s his turn to leave state custody. Mizanskey, sentenced in the 1990s to life without parole for nonviolent marijuana crimes, was informed Monday by the Missouri Board of Probation...
  19. excalibur

    Illegal Ordered Released By Feds Now A Murder Suspect

    The tyranny of the feds is reaching a breaking point. Illegal immigrant ordered freed by feds now suspected of murder in Ohio | Fox News 