1. imaginethat

    Why Russia did not respond to the US strikes on Syria

    Truly, the "retaliation" for Assad's use of chemical weapons has all been an act starring Assad and Putin. Gas a few people, Sunnis not Assad's kind of Muslim, the US freaks out, launches a buttload of missiles that really don't do sh*t, it's clear that Assad will stay in power, in the US...
  2. tristanrobin

    Seriously, Would the Trump Cheerleaders Respond

    You have apologized, excused, ignored, downplayed, spun, and cheered every odious and horrible thing that Trump has done - and every foul word he has spewed. Please - let us know - what would it take - seriously - for you to admit that the emperor wears no clothes?
  3. rumpelstiltskin

    Twenty Police Respond To Man Playing With Crossbow In His Backyard, Seize House

    A scuffle outside a Lincoln, Nebraska mobile home turned into a demand to search inside the home after the homeowner was arrested for allegedly assaulting police. Gary Grana was initially accused of shooting a bow and arrow inside city limits after a neighbor called police. The police came...
  4. Cubbie

    Iraq Official: U.S. Will Respond to Ammendments to Iraqi Security Deal After Election

    The U.S. will not reply to proposed changes to Iraq security agreement until after the election Tuesday so that the new president-elect will be informed of the status. Baghdad -- Iraq expects Washington's reply on proposed changes to a draft security agreement after the U.S. elections, an aide...
  5. J

    Respond to USA Today Poll and Vote for Legalized Internet Gambling

    The largest circulated newspaper in American, USA Today, has posed a survey question about whether it is time to legalize online gambling. Click here read the article and cast your vote. So far, the overwhelming majority of the votes are in favor of legalization. However, more votes...
  6. CNN

    Bush: World will respond to North Korea nuclear test has just posted the following: President Bush on Monday said North Korea's claim that it has tested a nuclear weapon is a threat to international peace and said the world "will respond." The president said the U.S., along with China and other allies, will push for sanctions at the...