1. imaginethat

    Change, Mexican style

    He promises to demand respect from Trump. His party is four years old, and he founded it. This election outcome helps to fathom the dislike Trump has engendered worldwide. More:
  2. Sabcat

    Here’s What Could Happen If Donald Trump Doesn’t Accept The Election Results
  3. RNG

    Alabama election results

    Axios seems to be getting the results first of about 45 sources I have checked. And they automatically update the data.
  4. J

    Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Visa Lottery Program results in terrorist attack

    Well, Chuck Schumer’s "Diversity Visa Lottery Program", has led to yesterday' deadly truck attack that killed eight people riding on a bike path in Manhattan. SEE: Bike path rampage: What we know about the suspect ”Authorities say he came to the United States seven years ago from...
  5. Sabcat

    This is what Google's new fact check feature in its search results looks like

    Google adds fact check feature to Search, News results globally - Business Insider .
  6. S

    Where to watch the election results? Ballot proposals, vote for a loser?

    Pretty much the question, where will you watch the election? At home, in a bar, with friends, alone? Maybe make an evening out of it like Super Bowl Sunday. Do you plan on voting for someone who has no chance like Johnson or Stein, but voted for them anyway because it was your choice. Or...
  7. intangible child

    How come WE accept election results when its voter fraud?

    Grand Theft America, Déjà vu?! As Florida Goobernor Rick Scott sets the stage to potentially disenfranchise 185,000 voters we've seen this scenario before. In 2000, FL Governor, Jeb Bush helped his brother get elected by hiding behind a Katherine Harris' voter purge of 58,000 voters who shared a...
  8. J

    Should we accept election results if voter fraud is found to be pervasive?

    . During last night’s debate when Trump was asked if he would accept the outcome of the election should Hillary Clinton win, Trump said “I will keep you in suspense,” to which Hillary responded Trump’s answer was “horrifying,” saying he was “talking down our democracy.” Was Hillary Clinton...
  9. Q

    Michelle Obama’s School Nutrition Legacy Takes Another Hit With Results Of New Study.

    Michelle Obama's School Nutrition Legacy Takes Another Hit With Results Of New Study This shouldn’t be too surprising. Obama has no formal education or certification in nutrition. It would appear her only interest in an effort to make Americans healthy is the excuse to waste millions of...
  10. skews13

    John Boehner Enjoying Kansas Primary Results

    A three-term House of Representatives incumbent from Kansas, who was a member of the anti-establishment House Freedom Caucus, was defeated in a Republican primary on Tuesday. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, who has represented Kansas' 1st Congressional District since 2011, lost to challenger Roger...
  11. imaginethat

    Strikes on Raqqa in Syria Lead to More Questions Than Results

    I admit, I have questions about the military operations in Syria. Yesterday, when the oil tanker trucks were hit by A-10s my first question was: Why not before now? More:
  12. skews13

    Jeb Repeats His Brothers Mistakes Expects Different Results

    Jeb to repeat his brother's mistakes, expects different results | MSNBC For several years, the phrase itself was itself a sad political punch-line: "Bush Tax Cuts." The Bush/Cheney White House, in 2001 and 2003, cut taxes well beyond what the country could afford, making bold promises about...
  13. excalibur

    Sandra Bland Autopsy Results

    Sandra Bland's death ruled suicide by hanging - 
  14. roastpork

    The results of increasing minimum wage.

    Here are some unintended results of the increase in the Minimum Wage in Chicago, it's a sad story, but remember Liberal/Progressives know better than businesses what best serves the People.:mellow: “Summer jobs reduce violence among disadvantaged youth” – that’s the title and conclusion of a...
  15. imaginethat

    Summing up the "first" results

    Here's the "first results" of the plan, a plan likely conceived years ago waiting for the right set of circumstances to implement it. At this point, I don't care what Obama or Bush, or even Clinton, Ds or Rs, did or didn't do, or what the Ukrainians should or shouldn't have done. What do...
  16. tristanrobin

    Fox News Lies / Results in Death Threats

    more from the right wing looney-tunes wackjobs' favorite place to get their "news" ... Bogus Fox News story on Pledge triggers death threats for school board
  17. Uncle Han

    Drive-Bys Not All Sold on Election Results

    Drive-Bys Not All Sold on Election Results November 06, 2013 Listen to it Button Windows IconWindows Media BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I want to play for you some audio sound bites to illustrate, too, that it's not across-the-board that the media thinks Virginia was a great thing for the...
  18. TNVolunteer73

    Where do you fall politically if you wish take test post results.

    Where Do You Fit? 2011 Pew Research Political Typology Quiz | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press This is where I placed in the political spectrum Based on your responses, YOU are a… Libertarian Along with 9% of the public Libertarians 9% of the public What...
  19. T

    Gallup Election Poll Results - August 22nd

    Unfortunately looks like Romney has a two point lead over Obama right now. This is just Gallup though. NBC has Obama with a four point lead over Romney. Polls are so varied...
  20. S

    New Doma Challenge Results From Dadt Repeal

    The next logical and ethical shoe has dropped: What might accelerate this case a bit is that the harmful consequences of DOMA experienced by the couples are not confined to just one state or federal district, but apply wherever they're stationed.